March 3, 2021

SAPPHIRE Showcases New Strengths In Computex

540401_10150702816624430_49988780_aThursday, May 30, 2013:  SAPPHIRE Technology will use its presence at Computex this year to highlight its growing expansion into new business areas while not losing its focus on its core competence. Its broad coverage will be demonstrated by showcasing its product portfolio and previewing some exciting new developments.

SAPPHIRE is established as a leading manufacturer and world-wide supplier of graphics products for the PC sector. Its AMD Radeon based products are just as well known in the mainstream PC markets as they are to the gaming and performance graphics enthusiast. It also offers a range of PC mainboards in some of its global markets. More recently it has introduced a family of very small format mini-PCs offering a range of performance for home, office and professional use. Now this whole product portfolio is being expanded and supplied to a wider range of applications.

Digital Signage was the first area of expansion for SAPPHIRE. Its Pro-AV group has taken products from the company’s graphics and mainboard ranges and applied them to projects delivering a range of solutions from point of sale to video walls. The SAPPHIRE Edge family of mini-PC’s make excellent media players and a special ruggedized version is now being developed for this market. The group has now built up an ecosystem of complementary hardware for signage applications including expanders, extenders and other dedicated products. In addition, PowerCastX is a SAPPHIRE-original software for digital signage that allows any mix of videos, stills, web feeds and a ticker easily to be configured and displayed in a range of environments from one or two screens right up to multi-screen walls.

PGS (Professional Graphics Solutions) is a division of SAPPHIRE that has been selling professional graphics products and solutions in the APAC region for several years. The AMD FirePro range of workstation products is well known in the industry and includes high performance products for computer aided design, content creation and multi-screen displays for Digital Signage and other applications. SAPPHIRE will now expand its team and offer these solutions in other global territories.

SAPPHIRE’s expertise in graphics and mainboards, and its capability to customize solutions also lends itself to the market for embedded applications, such as those found in gaming machines, surveillance and security installations and equipment for medical imaging. SAPPHIRE has recently set up a new Embedded Business Unit specifically to address this market. New products have been developed targeted to this market including small format mainboards and multi-output graphics solutions, which together with SAPPHIRE’s existing portfolio puts the company in a unique position to offer top to bottom solutions from professional graphics, through integrated solutions to discrete consumer graphics.

At Computex 2013, SAPPHIRE will showcase its whole range of products, from low profile and small format solutions aimed at HTPC and embedded applications, right up to multi-output cards for digital signage and video walls – with both an extensive static display and live demonstrations.

One of the stars of the show will be a preview of the much anticipated next generation of SAPPHIRE ATOMIC. Always the company’s flagship graphics product, the new SAPPHIRE HD 7990 ATOMIC is a dual GPU card with an exciting new watercooling solution and is expected to deliver industry leading performance.

SAPPHIRE pioneered the use of Vapor Chamber cooling for graphics with its Vapor-X series, and will also show a new milestone in this technology with a super thin (0.8mm) vapor chamber developed for small form factor appliances and ultrabooks. The company will also show its recently announced HD 7950-based graphics accelerator for the Apple Mac Pro as well as its full range of graphics upgrades for the PC and its family of mini-PCs.

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