Sanovi will contribute code to open source Project Ladon to enable Disaster Recovery solution for Apache Hadoop Software

sanoviSanovi’ s enterprise class File Replication software to enable data protection and DR capabilities in Intel’s open source Project Ladon for Apache Hadoop Software

New Delhi, October 31, 2013: Sanovi Technologies, the leader in IT Recovery Management is contributing code to the new open source project named Ladonto help enable Disaster Recovery forApache Hadoop software. The open source Disaster Recovery solution will be integrated and supported in the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software.

Hadoop deployments in the enterprise are becoming mission critical

Hadoop provides enterprise with the ability to do distributed data processing and data management for massive amounts of data. Hadoop deployments are becoming mission critical and need an enterprise class Disaster Recovery capability to enable enterprise to adopt and rely on Hadoop software.

Sanovi is contributing its File Replication software to Apache Hadoop

Sanovi with its deep expertise in Disaster Recovery Management is contributing its mature and scalable enterprise class File Replication software to the open source community under the Apache software license.

“Offering open source file replication capability to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem will enable the developer community to build robust disaster recovery into the platform. The Sanovi capability provides a best in class data protection solution to the Apache Hadoop software platform. Open source software, big data analytics, and business continuity are at the forefront of IT priorities today. Sanovi’ s extensive expertise in IT recovery management when integrated with the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software will deliver a comprehensive solution to enterprise customers,” said Chandra Pulamarasetti, co-Founder & CEO of Sanovi.

”The enterprise adoption of Apache Hadoop hinges on the development of core platform capabilities in open source,” said Girish Juneja, General Manager of Big Data Software at Intel. “The launch of the Project Ladon by Intel is intended to stimulate a community-wide effort as illustrated by Sanovi, to develop multi-site disaster recovery capability for Apache Hadoop, enabling enterprises to avoid data loss and minimize downtime.”

Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop to support DR capabilities

Sanovi’ s File Replication will be integrated with the Intel Distribution to provide the data protection capability required to replicate Hadoop data from the primary site to the DR site.  Customers adopting the Intel Distribution will get an enterprise-ready DR solution built into the platform.

Sanovi’s flagship product DRM is in use across various enterprises to meet their IT recovery SLAs. The Sanovi DRM life cycle approach to DR Management enables monitoring, automation of recovery and drills and compliance reporting for critical IT applications deployed across heterogeneous environments. By extending the Sanovi DR solution to Apache Hadoop, Sanovi now supports an expanded spectrum of critical applications covering the entire IT recovery needs of the enterprise.