March 2, 2021

Samsung will drop Qualcomm chip from upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone

Samsung may use their own chipsets inside future Galaxy S series smartphones soon, it seems. A report by Bloomberg has revealed that Samsung has decided not to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset in their future Galaxy S series phones anymore – starting from S6 most probably.

The decision might have been taken after reports surfaced about Snapdragon 801 getting overheated while testing. According to sources familiar to the developments, Samsung’s proprietary advanced chipset will start getting used in its new Galaxy S series smartphone. Samsung’s plans of around $14.7 billion for a chip-making facility are already known to the world. Samsung might be looking forward to becoming more self-dependent by using their own chipsets in future flagship devices.

The report has further stated that Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected this March and Samsung is in no mood to take any kind of risk with the chipset which is already suffering from overheating issues. After this news surfaced, shares of Qualcomm have dropped by 1.2 per cent at New York Stock Exchange while Samsung’s shares have raised by 1.7 per cent in Seoul. Qualcomm’s chipsets don’t only integrate CPU cores, graphics cores, RAM but also modems within the package. But Samsung’s Exynos chips will require an external LTE modem.

Samsung has been the second largest customer of Qualcomm as they make around 12 per cent of Qualcomm’s sales figures. Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset is also used in LG G Flex 2 and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. Xiaomi is also known to be partnering with 4G chip-making firm in China which means Qualcomm will lose Xiaomi too soon. Qualcomm has denied to pass any comment on the Bloomberg report. But Samsung’s rival LG has denied any kind of overheating issue in the Qualcomm chipset, which is certainly good news for the chipset-maker.