January 23, 2021

Samsung Unveils New ‘Enterprise friendly’ Smartphones

samsungs6Samsung’s new Galaxy smartphones are more enterprise-friendly, with heightened security measures for business users, the manufacturer said on Monday.
At the official Australian launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, Prasad Gokhale, VP of IT and Mobile at Samsung Electronics Australia, promised the new smartphones would provide better features for Samsung’s enterprise users.
Gokhale claimed an issue with previous models was they neglected to address the needs of enterprise consumers. The smartphones also provide access to Samsung’s KNOX Workspace software, which offers multi-layered protection, with two-factor biometric authentication for authorised device access.
“We have worked tirelessly with our partners like Microsoft, and MDM suppliers like AirWatch and MobileIron, Blackberry and Oracle, and many more to make sure that our devices are powered by KNOX to provide… a great enterprise-grade security solution,” said Gokhale.
“The GS6 and GS6 edge smartphones represent a pivotal step for the Galaxy range in evolving the category as a whole, marking a clear shift in how we deliver exceptional smartphones for Australians.”
Steven Sherry, VP of enterprise and small medium business for Samsung Australia said the inclusion of KNOX Workplace provides an option for users who want one phone for personal and business use.
“Once upon a time, people would use one phone for work and one phone for personal use, and that’s just not the case anymore,” he said. “This level of security allows users to store any sensitive work data or enterprise-specific apps inside the KNOX workspace, with password protection, providing users with a secure channel for corporate resources.”
Other benefits to enterprise users include the new lighter and stronger design, wireless charging and faster charging capabilities, with new adapters providing at least four hours of battery life from just 10 minutes of charging.
There is also now a built-in smart manager platform that tracks battery life, data usage and malware status. Featured apps, or ‘Galaxy Gifts’ include Uber, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote, Kindle, The Australian newspaper, QuickFlix, and Samsung’s new music streaming service, Milk.