Samsung Restructures Galaxy Store

Samsung has restructured its Galaxy Store to focus more on gaming. The latest design is targeted to let gamers explore, browse, and play other games as well. It further looks to provide a curated list of game references and improved gaming perquisites. Gamers can also download Fortnite from the Galaxy Store. The popular battle royale title was taken out from Apple as well as Google app stores lately over a licit battle for income shares. The company has claimed that Galaxy Store is presently the first mobile app store in the US where users can download Fortnite from.

The refurbished Galaxy Store has a simple interface with just 2 tabs on the home screen which are Games and Apps. Previously, the application had several tabs such as Home, Explore, Games, and even Exclusives. Galaxy Store nowadays also offers limited previews, promos, and rewards for games. Samsung Rewards keep accruing while users keep leveling up in their game. These points can be swapped on the next game the user downloads, which the company has clarified in a press release.


Image from Samsung


The Applications section has claimed to have personalized commendations which are based on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone. This is unlike for every user and is based on their download outlines. The company has also collaborated with firms to offer application-exclusive specifications and offers. For example, the Adobe Acrobat Reader application on the Galaxy Store offers a seven-day free trial while the Touch of Modern app offers ten percent store credit back on all buying. The Weather Channel application on Galaxy Store delivers exclusive themes, shortcuts, and a custom-made calendar too. To present the latest Galaxy Store, scan the QR code on the user’s qualified Samsung smartphone from here.

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