January 21, 2021

Samsung Patents Its New Bendable New Smart Gadget

samsungThis new smart gadget is likely to be a bendable phablet around your wrist.

If you were thinking that the display on Samsung’s Gear S smart watch was too big for your wrist, then you may not be able to digest this.

Samsung has reportedly filed a patent application that details a large flexible display which is designed to wrap around your wrist, according to Patently Mobile.

It is also learned from the patent sketches that users can unbend the device which would make the display size equivalent to that of the Galaxy Grand and can be used like how smartphones are normally used.

After the usage, it can be again slapped across the user’s wrist.
We are yet to know whether this gadget will be available in near future or not be available at all for the consumers to purchase.

However, if at all this gadget comes out, it may be liked by some while may not be liked by some. Yet, we still feel that this is surely a great innovation by the company.
We are definitely waiting to hear from the company more about this patent.
Also, it is worth noting that the new Samsung patent filing regarding this wrist band smartphone was revealed recently by the U.S. Patent Office.