Samsung India Becomes the First Indian Manufacturer to Receive the Certificate for BIS

samsung(taeho)Samsung India became the first Indian manufacturer to receive the Certificate for Safety for its Colour televisions manufactured at its Chennai and Noida manufacturing facilities under the new Safety norms set by the BIS. The Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order 2012 issued by Deity includes products such as LCD televisions, LFD Monitors, laptops, tablets, Microwave ovens and printers amongst others. Samsung India has applied for BIS Registration for most of its relevant product categories earlier this year and was given the first registration for its printers in June 2013.

“We appreciate the efforts taken by the BIS towards creating a safe environment for use of Electronics and Information technology items by the compulsory registration order of 2012. We have been getting our products tested as per the stringent norms being followed in the test labs assigned by BIS. Based on the stringent quality and safety norms followed at Samsung’s own manufacturing facilities in India and worldwide as well as the efforts being made by BIS and Deity to issue certificates within the timelines at its Test labs, we have been successful in getting certification for most of our product categories within the framework set by BIS and Deity.” states Mr TaehoRoh , Vice President –IT , Samsung Electronics.

Samsung India, a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has advanced, hi tech manufacturing facilities at Noida and Chennai from where it manufactures most of the Consumer Electronics and Mobile products sold in the country. The Company also has supports its Indian business and customer requirements with R&D Centers located in Delhi and Bangalore.