Samsung has launched the SmartThings Station – Its Smart Home Hub that comes with a wireless charging pad

Samsung debuted SmartThings Station at CES 2023, a user-friendly and affordable smart home hub that also serves as a rapid charging station. At the event, Samsung also unveiled its new Q-Symphony-powered Dolby Atmos soundbars.

SmartThings Stations

Multiple connected gadgets may be easily controlled and interoperated with thanks to the new, user-friendly smart home hub. SmartThings Station users may automate several aspects of their homes. They can establish routines that facilitate their daily life and aid in energy conservation, such as making it simple to turn off lights and appliances.

You may pair and use it via pop-up pairing with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and additionally, with only a quick scan of a QR code (Only for Matter devices). Thermostats, lighting, and power outlets can all link to the smart home server through a hub to work together as a single system. The SmartThings Station automates app operations while doing away with the necessity for manual device control.

Users can start a routine they’ve set in a SmartThings app by pressing the Smart Button on the SmartThings Station. Users can launch up to three separate routines by pressing the smart button twice, three times, or briefly three times. Routines can also be started via the SmartThings app, whether users are home or away.

SmartThings Find

Samsung’s SmartThings Find asset tracking service is compatible with SmartThings Station. A nearby phone will ring when the smart button is double-pressed, making it easier to find. Users of Samsung Galaxy devices can track their registered items with SmartThings Station, including smartphones, tablets, watches, earbuds, and keys or a wallet with a Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ connected. SmartThings Station scans the home for gadgets and notifies users of the whereabouts of smart devices or tags there as well as when a tag or device leaves or returns.

Fast Charging Pad

Up to 15 W of power can be used by the SmartThings Station to wirelessly charge electronics. Because fast charging takes into account people’s schedules and routines, it is an encouraging feature to add in a smart home hub. Users can choose to receive a notification when charging is finished, enabling them to resume playing a game or charge another device.

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