Samsung has announced its latest OLED models – The S95C and S90C along with a Premiere 8K projector

By Vincent Teoh

By Vincent Teoh

Samsung Displays’ next-generation OLED panel will be used in two types and three sizes of the QD-OLED televisions that the company has announced for 2023.

The S95C and the less expensive S90C are part of the 2023 line, which replaces the S95B from the previous year and received positive reviews from both reviewers and buyers. The new models come in the same sizes as before—55 inches and 65 inches—but Samsung will also offer a new, increasingly popular 77-inch size.

The Odyssey OLED G9, which was released yesterday, also has a Samsung Display next-generation quantum dot OLED panel. This new panel claims to have a peak brightness of 2000 nits, yet only a 3% window can achieve that, while testing with a more common 10% glass only manages 1500 nits. Additionally, unlike LG panels, which employ a WRGB subpixel structure, Samsung’s panels use a normal RGB subpixel pattern, which might result in some colour saturation difficulties and near-black overshoot effects. Samsung claims reduced power usage due to improved panel efficiency despite the brightness increase. The design is where the S95C and S90C differ most from one another. Due to Samsung’s One Connect Box, the S95C has a thinner design, but the S90C has a greater bulge at the back due to having all connectors built-in.

Both 144Hz refresh rate and the Samsung Gaming Hub functionality are supported by the television models. Additionally, these are the first OLED televisions to have AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification enabling variable refresh rates and HDR when gaming. Along with the QD-OLED models, Samsung also unveiled new Neo QLED 8K and 4K versions built on LCDs with mini-LED backlights and a new Neural Quantum Processor with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling. New Micro LED variants with sizes ranging from 50 inches to 140 inches are also available for 2023.

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