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Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 receive HDR YouTube support

South Korean tech giant Samsung’s 2017 lineup — Galaxy S8 , S8 Plus , and Note 8 — is going to be the first set of smartphones to receive the HDR (High Dynamic Range) video support for YouTube app.
The latest update for the YouTube app (12.34.55) is enabling this feature on the Samsung devices.
YouTube received the support for HDR quality video in November 2016 after receiving the support for HD, 4K resolution, live streaming, 3D, 360-degree, and spatial audio over the years.
Google’s video-streaming service YouTube recently received a major upgrade. The changes that were announced include a new logo and major design revamp for both YouTube app and website. The new YouTube logo consists of black text along with the red play icons. Moreover, the red colour in the logo is brighter as compared to the existing red colour.
The design changes and new features are available on both iOS and Android versions of the YouTube app. The app will now have a white background with the new YouTube logo placed on the left. The navigation tab is shifted to the bottom and the new design also comes with a separate Accounts and Library tabs. Users can now also slowdown or speedup the playback of any video. The feature was so far available in the desktop version only. It will be found under settings menu.
Earlier this week, YouTube also enabled ultra-low-latency option during video streaming. This comes in addition to the normal latency and low latency options. The ultra-low latency option is helpful during live streaming a video when creators need to interact with their fans.
As per several reports, YouTube has also started rolling out a ‘Breaking News’ section in users’ feeds. YouTube’s new section has seven videos displayed horizontally. Users can scroll and select the one they wish to watch among these. Reports suggest that these videos are same for users living in one geographical area. As of now, YouTube’s ‘Breaking News’ section has a number of videos related to the Barcelona terrorist attack.