March 4, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S8 may come with this LG G6 ‘feature’

56692275LG has already confirmed it will be using heat pipes in its upcoming G6 flagship smartphone. Now, a new report says that rival Samsung, too, may use a similar technology for its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. According to a report by Digitimes website, the Galaxy S8 will be launching in March this year.
It has been also mentioned that the thermal pipes will be produced by Taiwan-based Auras Technology and Chaun Choung Technology (CCI). Rival LG is said to use heat-pipes supplied by Japan-based Furukawa Electric and Taiwan-based Delta Electronics.
The report adds that Samsung was earlier planning to use two ultra-thin heat pipes to enhance heat dissipation. But the company later decided to use just one heat pipe, as is the case with Galaxy S7.
Another feature that is expected to arrive in the Galaxy S8 is a new digital assistant named Bixby.
Samsung has been rumoured to launch its AI-powered assistant, Bixby, for quite some time now. It’s being assumed that the assistant will be unveiled along with its upcoming flagship smartphone – Galaxy S8.
The latest addition to the rumours is the fact that the AI will not be limited to payments and controlling native apps, but will also be able to access the smartphone’s camera.
According to a post on SamMobile website, Bixby will offer visual search and optical character recognition using Galaxy S8’s camera. The camera app will reportedly come with a dedicated Bixby button to access the assistant. The AI will then scan/identify the image and search for it online.
Besides Bixby, a new UI feature might be introduced in the Galaxy S8 – an ‘Always On’ status bar. This would allow for one swipe access to quick settings and toggles.
In all possibilities, Samsung may launch the Galaxy S8 on March 29 this year. The company, however, is yet to reveal the final launch date.