Samsung Galaxy Note 8 too may have a battery problem of its own

Samsung’s trouble with its big-screen Note series seem to be back. Some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users have complained on the company’s support forums that they are facing charging issues wherein the device refuses to turn on after the battery goes down to 0%, leaving the users with bricked devices. Several users have complained on micro-blogging website Twitter too about the issue.
It is worth noting that on Twitter a couple of users talking about their bricked Galaxy Note 8 devices have the units locked with carriers such as Verizon and Sprint Mobile. A couple of them mentioning about the same issue on the company’s discussion forum have mentioned they took the smartphones locked with Sprint and Verizon carriers.
All of them say they have not yet found a proper solution to this handset bricking issue. As reported by the, some users did get their smartphones replaced, while some others mentioned the problem to have occurred again.
Talking about the issues, a customer going by the name ‘userYZ33Hezuja’ wrote on Samsung forum. “Just bought a brand new Galaxy Note 8 from my Verizon retailer 2 months ago. Last night I let the battery die completely, and figured I’d just charge it later. (Not like this is the first time it has ever died completely.) So I plugged it in and it showed a circle with a lightning bolt, but the red charging LED did not light up. I figured since it was dead completely, it would just take a few minutes to power up. It never did. It won’t charge. I talked to Samsung customer support who told me to press different button combinations to reboot it/hard reset it– nothing worked, because none of the buttons are responsive either. The whole phone is completely unresponsive to EVERYTHING. It has never been dropped, put near water, NOTHING– it is in perfect condition. Since it is under warranty, I took it to Verizon and got a REFURBISHED one being sent to me as a replacement,” the member said.
Samsung has been playing safe with its flagship smartphone series this year, specially after the massive backlash it received after last year’s Note 7 fiasco. Although the aforementioned issue doesn’t seem to be widespread for now, Samsung may want to take a look at it and solve the issue before it gets major attention.
Till then, it is better for Galaxy Note 8 users to not let their battery get drained out to 0%.
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