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IT Voice News: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is finally in India, but it will hit the market on October 14, the same days as its biggest rival iPhone 6 Plus. If you want to buy either of the phablets but are confused, then read our first impressions of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to decide if this is the device you want to buy…
The metal on the frame that surrounding on the side looks good; the phablet has a nice matte texture on the rim, which hides the fact this is metal but still makes the device look premium. The faux leather back panel has been retained, but the material feels a little less plasticky this time around; the stitching is gone this time.

The new Galaxy Note 4 looks a lot like its predecessor, but a closer look at the phablet shows it is smaller, lighter and better designed. Despite keeping the same screen size as Galaxy Note 3, Samsung has been able to shave off a few millimetres from the body while making Note 4. Users would finally be able to hold it in one hand without the risk of dropping it, which is a welcome change.

The position of the camera and LED flash is pretty much the same as that of Note 3, with the addition of a heart rate sensor that is located below the camera. Same goes for the stylus holder, which is located at the bottom right edge.


The most striking feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the display panel. You get a screen that is slightly raised in a curvature and has a glossy look to it. The display seems to be tougher than what other smartphones in the market have, and looks like a valuable addition to the model. It is easily the most visibly distinctive difference between Note 4 and its predecessor.

There is not much difference in the display quality of Note 4 and Note 3. Though the resolution has gone up, the clarity pretty much remains the same. Other QHD display smartphones in the market (LG G3, Oppo Find 7) struggle with the same problem – it’s hard for the screen to differentiate itself from a Full HD panel. Despite this, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 delivers an excellent viewing experience and offers great colour contrast and viewing angles.

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