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Samsung Expands Smartwatch Range with New Galaxy Watch FE

Samsung Electronics has introduced the Galaxy Watch FE, expanding its smartwatch lineup to offer advanced wellness features to a broader audience. This new smartwatch combines top-tier hardware performance with advanced health and fitness monitoring in a stylish and durable design. It is aimed at users beginning their journey toward better wellness with comprehensive insights.

“At Samsung, our goal is to bring health and fitness monitoring capabilities to as many people as possible, helping them make daily changes to improve their wellness and achieve their goals,” said Junho Park, VP and Head of the Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team at Samsung Electronics. “We’re excited to add the Galaxy Watch FE to our wearables portfolio, providing more people with personalized health insights to stay motivated and healthier around the clock.”

Style and Durability for Everyday Wellness

The Galaxy Watch FE, available in a 40mm size, offers a refreshed design in Black, Pink Gold, and Silver. New watch bands with distinct blue and orange stitching enhance its stylish look. The watch features Sapphire Crystal glass for superior durability and scratch protection. Users can customize their watch with new faces and easily switch bands to match their style.

Advanced Health and Fitness Features

Equipped with Samsung’s BioActive Sensor, the Galaxy Watch FE delivers powerful fitness and wellness functions, offering personalized and actionable tips. It features advanced sleep monitoring, heart health tracking with HR Alert and Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN), and capabilities for monitoring Blood Pressure and ECG. The watch supports tracking for over 100 workouts, provides advanced running analysis, and offers Personalized Heart Rate Zone for optimal running experiences.

Seamless Galaxy Ecosystem Experiences

The Galaxy Watch FE integrates smoothly with other Samsung Galaxy devices. Users can locate their phone with Find My Phone, control their smartphone camera remotely with Camera Controller, and use Samsung Wallet for payments and accessing ID cards directly from the smartwatch.

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