Samsung Chromebook To Have Galaxy Note 3 Like Faux-Leather Finish

In a way to present better packaging for its devices, Samsung has reportedly decided to take the faux-leather finish, which it introduced in the Galaxy Note 3 to other device segments. As per a recent leak via @evleaks, the impending Samsung Chromebook will come with the faux-leather finish.

A recent sighting of Samsung Chromebook 2 on B&H Photo Video website has revealed that the device is much likely to carry the exterior-feature. The Chromebook 2 listings have since been removed, but it was a little late for the company to do so as OMGChrome had noted all the key details. The listings said that the Samsung Chromebook 2 will be released in two screen sizes, first 29.4-cm (11.6-inch) and second 33.7-cm (13.3-inch). The 29.4-cm model will come with Exynos 5 SoC, 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of SSD. While, the 33.7-cm will have 4 GB of RAM. The company is yet to confirm further details on the devices. Nevertheless these Chromebooks will be priced $299 and above. Samsung has a Chromebook and a Chromebox in select markets, currently.

Source: EFY times

Image Courtesy: @evleaks

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