Samsung acquires Start-up Boxee for alleged $30 mn

9843-samsung-boxeeSamsung in a strategic move has now acquired Boxee, one of the biggest set-top box makers at an amount estimated to be around $30 million.

However, there was no formal announcement made of the acquisition. According to a published statement from Samsung spokeswoman, the company has acquired the key assets and talents from Boxee. This will certainly help the company in continual improvement of user experience on all its connected devices.

For the starters, Boxee, is a company which started out focusing on video streaming software, teamed up with D-Link last year on a hardware set-top box for digital video streaming. The Boxee Cloud DVR (formerly known to its adherents as the Boxee Box),is a simple and relatively inexpensive box that brings streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime to your TV.