Our Vision is to bring convenience to charging an electric vehicle despite location, vehicle, or type of charger – Samridh Singh, Rikarica, Full Interview

Samridh Singh, (Founder & amp; Director) RIKARICA

Samridh Singh, (Founder & amp; Director) RIKARICA

Rikarica, the forerunner in electric vehicle charging platform technologies, serves to ease the biggest concern for EV drivers running out of charge on the road. Catering its services to charging point operators and end-to-end users, Rikarica is helping EV charging stations to build and migrate their charging networks with its Infinite cloud-based platforms which usher growth by optimizing their operations and by increasing driver’s satisfaction.

Recently Team IT-Voice had an opportunity to interact with Samridh Singh, (Founder & amp; Director) RIKARICA where he answered various questions related to the company and the EV domain. Here is an excerpt from the interaction:

Prateek: What is the vision behind Rikarica?

Samridh: Our Vision is to bring convenience to charging an electric vehicle despite location, vehicle, or type of charger. This reflects not only in our commitment but in our motto “Recharge with convenience”

Prateek: How can Operations Management solutions by Rikarica prove helpful in optimizing network operations? 

Samridh: The operations management system by Rikarica utilizes the power of IoT which reduces the risk of stations downtime by pre-empting the load on the station to avoid wear & tear of the hardware/sensors thus, increasing the life span of the charging station. For customers, it provides real-time information about the availability of the charging station, time to charge, waiting period, and other amenities one can avail of while charging.

Prateek: What are some of the problems EV users may face? How Rikarica has been helping them?

Samridh: As the sales of  EV Users may face is a lack of information in terms of charging stations availability and “real-time” status specifically on public charging points.  RIKARICA resolves all such challenges and provides the right information to the users so that they can plan for a longer trip more conveniently.

Prateek: Based on your experience in Maharashtra, what strategies would you adopt to grow pan India?

Samridh: We are building an extensive network of franchise partners across pan India to promote an end-to-end solution in the B2B segment. Having a franchise network will help us grow the brands’ footprint on multiple scales. To ensure that, we are looking at partners who have their own sizable land and we will help them with end-to-end solutions from infra to software. This will work in their favor if they can provide land for vehicles as the land cost is the biggest and having their own land will help them generate ROI  quickly.

Prateek: How can IoT technology help enhance the services (Charging stations across the country) and thus promoting a greener world?

Samridh: IoT is supporting us in framing the extensive network and seamless connectivity across India. IoT is helping both businesses and consumers to get a seamless experience. With IoT, businesses can make informed decisions.

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