“Salezshark offers smarter ways to connect with clients, equipping sales teams with intelligence powered solutions.”- Mr. Ajay Chauhan, Co- Founder, SalezShark

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Ajay Chauhan, Co- Founder, SalezShark, sharing his business strategies.

Ajay Chauhan_SalezSharkMegha Mary- Tell us more about Salezshark.

Mr. Ajay Chauhan- Salezshark is a next generation platform for sales, founded in the year 2014. The organization is run by a team of passionate experts dedicated to transform the CRM space.

In an industry where technology changes at its perpetual pace, we give you an enduring commitment to solve all your business problems with Salezshark. The product empowers you to improve your sales and marketing processes by providing intelligent tools that help save time and increase productivity.

Megha Mary- What has been the growth of the company in the short span of 2 years?

Mr. Ajay Chauhan- SalezShark has attracted the right kind of people for business roles, marketing and technology and our growth has been testament to that.

“In a span of 2 years, we have got over 100 clients using our software. Infact, most importantly we help developers and salespeople find amazing jobs every month.”

Also, we have already raised funds of $2 million and a commitment of upto 5 million dollars from the internal board.

Megha Mary- What changes has the CRM space undergone?

Mr. Ajay Chauhan- CRM has now become one of the forerunners in the space of cloud technology. It has moved from an on network led market to the verge of being dominated by the cloud offerings. SaaS CRM now contributes 50% of all new sales and is expected to reach 70% within a few years.

Megha Mary- How Salezshark is changing the CRM space. How the client responds to the technologies introduced by you to change the traditional CRM space?

Mr. Ajay Chauhan- Legacy CRM systems were made when the expectations of the customers to responsiveness weren’t accelerating as fast as they are now. But,

“today, sales teams have to run on new CRMs literally in hours and days to learn and be effective. There is no time for two weeks classes; rather, it’s all about being quick enough to define new sales strategies, implement and measure them further making the strategy corrections as and where needed.”

So, we have designed SalezShark with the context first with mobile deployment in mind relying on the user-customizable and intuitive interfaces to help the sales teams to be more effective in selling.



Megha Mary- How the software works?

Mr. Ajay Chauhan- We aim to provide the best visibility needed to take the right actions at the right time to drive the deals towards completion. Powered by AI,

“Salezshark offers smarter ways to connect with clients, equipping sales teams with intelligence powered solutions to ensure customer success.”

It enables teams to predict the next best sales, or service interaction for each customer, and then automate everything from routine tasks to real-time customer engagement.

Megha Mary- What are the challenges faced by the channel in educating the clients about the new technologies and strategies introduced by Salezshark?

Mr. Ajay Chauhan- When it comes to awareness and understanding of CRM based sales, there is still a lot to be desired.

“CRM solutions are highly cost-effective and can efficiently streamline an organization’s sales and marketing processes.”

Business leaders need to tap the potential of such good and highly intelligent solutions available today’s day and age

Megha Mary- What makes you different from your competitors?

Mr. Ajay Chauhan- We are a mission-driven organization that encourages people to take ownership of their efforts. We view fun, humor, and merriment as allies of hard work.

“I believe when people love their job they are better engaged in their work and personally invested in the outcomes. Hence, we promote a progressive environment through loving our jobs. A positive vibe from our employees satiates everything.”

The company policies, in aiming  to make changes to the country,  giving opportunities of development to the employees is what I am proud of  and the above mentioned qualities are the things that people would love about working with the organization.

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