Salesforce is all set to add ChatGPT to Slack as part of OpenAI partnership

Salesforce has announced its collaboration with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its collaboration software Slack, and to introduce generative artificial intelligence to its business software. The technology, known as EinsteinGPT, will merge Salesforce’s proprietary AI with that of external partners, including OpenAI, to assist businesses in generating email drafts, customer-account data, and computer code.

ChatGPT will be integrated into Slack to summarize conversation threads and help with other queries. This move is part of the trend of technology companies racing to equip their tools with generative AI, which is capable of creating new text, imagery, and other content based on past data inputs.

Microsoft, a company that is investing in OpenAI, has also been using its technology to generate meeting notes in Teams and suggest email replies to vendors through its Viva Sales subscription. In response to business demand for the technology, Salesforce is using its proprietary data and AI models to differentiate its offering. According to a general manager at Salesforce, the company’s generative AI tools will help businesses “completely reimagine how they engage with their customers.”

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