Safetrax Employee Transportation Solution To Ensure Employee Safety

New approach to employee transportation, utilizes analytics and ensures quick emergency response while saving significant costs
MTAP Technologies, a leading provider of Employee SafetraxTransportation Automation Solution announced that Safetrax, the SaaS-based employee transportation management platform, has been gaining significant traction since its launch last year with 10+ customers and over 1000 vehicles on their platform. The solution features enriched data integration and route planning intelligence that helps track & improve fleet utilization and strengthen safety through a combination of sophisticated analytic dashboard, and feature-rich mobile app. Safetrax offers a one-time 30-day free trial for prospects to experience automation of their transport processes, before buying.
The employee transportation system has three main entities; transport administrator, transport operator & employees, and Safetrax technology works like a spell, seamlessly connecting all these stakeholders and addressing their unique requirements. Equipped with emergency response system, the system can automatically display nearby company cabs and employees, police station, hospitals and a click can immediately alert them, in case of emergency.
“An intelligent employee transportation solution offers the most value when it dramatically reduces the burden of transport administrators, reduces cost of operations and delights the employees by providing safe and hassle free transport experience,” said Mr. Rajiv Netra, Head – Marketing, MTAP Technologies Pvt Ltd. Complementing the solution is a nicely designed employee app that acts as a safety companion for the employees, shows estimated time of arrival of cabs, cab number, co-passenger details, driver’s name and photograph,” he added.
Today, even a mid size company spends several crores annually on employee transportation. Safetrax’s unique routing algorithm determines the most short & optimum route that can help organizations save costs up to 30%. The industry is laden with irregularities by drivers and transport supervisors; now with Safetrax GPS tracking companies and cab operators can precisely record the distance clocked-in, which helps minimize billing disputes, and fast tracking of the payments.
Safetrax estimates, that employee transportation in India is a Rs. 7500 crore business per annum, which is largely supervised and operated manually. The company strives to establish greater collaboration and capitalize on latest in technology to empower cabs and operators by offering superior communication experiences and helping them reduce operational and capital costs. Government is actively pushing for Smart Cities and one of the key pillars of Smart Cities is Smart Transportation and this is where platform like Safetrax can drive significant value to transportation ecosystem.