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SafeNet Partners With Senetas to Protect Data in Motion

imagesSafeNet, Inc., a player in data protection, announced an extended global distribution agreement with SenetasSecurity Pty Ltd., in which SafeNet will add Senetas’ high-speed network encryption solutions, including the new CN6000 family, to its portfolio of products distributed around the globe. Senetas complements SafeNet’s data protection solutions to provide persistent protection of sensitive information at critical points in its lifecycle, wherever and however that information is used. Government agencies and business organizations can reduce risk, improve compliance posture, and enhance governance and ownership of sensitive data across their business.

“This master distribution agreement is a major benefit to Senetas’ ability to reach key customers around the world and offer them outstanding on-the-ground support through SafeNet’s excellent resources,” said Senetas CEO Andrew Wilson. “SafeNet’s technical and commercial expertise with our products, its own vast range of leading data security products, and its established customer relationships make it an excellent global master distributor for our products.”

Senetas CN is a family of high-performance, purpose-built Layer 2 network encryption products that offer market-leading performance by a number of criteria, including near-zero impact on data speeds and bandwidth, and encryption of data moving at speeds of up to 10 Gbps with little or no impact on network performance. These FIPS-certified solutions are used to protect data in motion for government and military organizations, as well as financial and other commercial enterprises.Proven reliability, high throughput, and low latency make network encryption security devices the ideal solution for protecting time-sensitive voice and video streams.

“Our new distribution agreement with Senetas greatly enhances our ability to protect our customers’ most sensitive assets no matter where they reside, and no matter where they may be headed,” said Phil Saunders, executive vice president, global sales, SafeNet. “With networks constantly evolving to best serve the zero-latency connectivity requirements with private and public cloud architectures, our ability to encrypt data at wire speeds is a necessity. With Senetas, we will meet that market demand by delivering these purpose-built, high-speed data encryption products.”