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R&M’s CSR Initiatives Reinforce Commitment to Sustainability

The company takes responsibility socially, ethically and ecologically by making  pertinent investments and carrying out a number of individual actions as part of its CSR activities

Swiss cabling specialist R&M has reinforced its commitment to Ecologicallysustainability and says it will continue making pertinent investments to conserve energy and raw materials, and to reduce consumption and in particular CO2 emissions. The corporate management team feels an obligation toward all stakeholders and takes social, ethical and ecological responsibility while conducting all its business activities.

Sustainability has been assessed in all areas of the company over the last few months. The company has recently been awarded ISO 14001 for the environmental management system at its headquarters in Wetzikon. In the near future, R&M plans to extend this certified environmental management system to its other international plants.

Companies must assume responsibility, not just for their own economic success and the well-being of their employees, but also for society and for the preservation of the Earth, the environment and natural resources. They can have a big impact if they are aware of their responsibility. At R&M, we have always taken our responsibilities seriously with regard to transparency, sustainability, and an ethical approach,” says Mr Michel Riva, CEO at R&M.

In its report “Our Common Future,” the World Commission on Environment and Development (Brundtland Commission) points out the interplay between economics, ecology and society. R&M uses this report as the basis for sustainable and responsible corporate action, as presented in its CSR Report and implemented in a number of individual measures.

With the copper and fiber optic systems, R&M makes decisive contribution to operational reliability in voice, data, and video transmission. R&M’s solutions have always focused on optimal availability and cost-effective network operation. The company closely aligns itself with the latest trends with respect to sustained economic, social, and technological development.

Mr Riva asserts, “Sustainability is as important to R&M as being a leader in quality. For us, quality also incorporates responsible use of resources and protection of people and the environment.”

R&M Cube, the company’s manufacturing and logistics center at Wetzikon is the most striking expression of its commitment to sustainable business. It is one of the largest and most advanced low-exergy corporate buildings in Switzerland. It uses no fossil fuels. The individual actions R&M has taken range from optimized logistics to training for young people and health promotion activities.

Responsible, farsighted and exemplary corporate action has always been a key feature of R&M’s business activities, ever since its foundation. In its Corporate Social Responsibility Report released in 2010, R&M impressively documents this fact for the first time.