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R&M Unveils New Cat. 6A Module

Cat. 6A Easy Lock sets new standards in the installation of twisted copper cables / Just two components / Easy-to-install connectivity technology for 10GbE-compatible office networks

R&M Cabling R&M, the Swiss specialists for network cabling solutions, has unveiled a  second Cat. 6A connection module. The first has been available since 2010  and is still considered the high-end module with the greatest performance  reserves. Along with this first module, the second Cat.6A EL module sets  new standards in connectivity technology. The new RJ45 jack with the short designation Cat. 6A EL (“easy lock”) simplifies the installation of copper cabling for local data networks and supports broadband applications such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet. It meets the component specifications according to IEC 60603-7-41/-51 and is suitable for setting up permanent links and channels categorized as Class EA under ISO/IEC 11801. That makes R&M the only provider capable of precisely adjusting its range to meet its customers’ needs by adding two full-fledged Cat.6A modules.


The Cat. 6A EL module consists of two parts only. It can be wired and mounted without special tools in a few easy steps. It is available shielded (STP) in the die-cast version and unshielded (UTP) in the special plastic version that suppresses alien near-end crosstalk. IDC ensures the reliable termination of the wires. A clamping ring serves as integrated strain relief. It fixes all types of cables in place without pinching them. Cable ties are things of the past. With shielded twisted pair (STP) cabling the clamping ring also provides 3600 shield termination because it wraps completely around the braided shield.


The goal R&M was pursuing with the development of the Cat. 6A EL was to greatly simplify the installation procedure at the place where a large part of the work arises, namely during the connection of the RJ45 modules on the various stories of buildings. It was important to R&M that no concessions are made with respect to reliability and longevity. Each module is fully tested for return loss (RL), near-end crosstalk (NEXT) and dielectric strength as well as to determine whether it is short-circuit proof.


R&M is directing this new product at installers of structured cabling in offices, buildings, industry and homes who are looking for a fast, efficient and high-performance alternative. With the Cat. 6A EL module, installers can provide their customers with copper cabling of the highest performance level and guarantee broadband service complying with standards.


Cat. 6A EL is highly suitable for office applications but also meets requirements in industrial settings and home wiring as regards functional reliability and mechanical stability, longevity and ease of installation.


The Cat. 6A EL module is generic. It terminates all installation cables with wire and flexible cables with strands of all common diameters according to the system 568A or 568B. It is compatible with the tried-and-tested R&M cabling and security systems and tolerant of connectors made by other manufacturers. The Cat. 6A EL module can be used in the proven outlets or patch panels of the R&Mfreenet system or also in outlet combinations of other manufacturers with the aid of special adapters. Installers have to purchase and stock only one module for a number of purposes.




Caption: The Cat. 6A EL connection module (shielded/unshielded) from R&M consists of just two components, the wire guide and the socket part. The copper conductors can be wired in a few easy steps. The product is suitable for the quick installation of local data networks meant to support high-speed applications such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

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