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R&M Introduces Cabling Solutions for Maritime & Offshore Applications

With its reliable and innovative cabling solutions R&M has achieved increased integration into maritime networks to make them operate over a long period of time even at harsh conditions of the high seas

R&M, the Swiss cabling specialist, has introduced cabling solutions for maritime& offshore applications. The Network connectors along with field-terminable FM45, copper and fiber optic networks from R&M have been enabled for fast and quick-assembly technology that is user-friendly. R&M’s modular platforms have made it easy to upgrade effortlessly from copper to fiber optic cabling. This change allows the ship’s network to transport greater data quantities faster or to integrate demanding new applications.

PrintR&M: Broad Range of Solutions for Maritime and Offshore Cabling includes the following-

The Cat. 5e and Cat. 6 R&M connector systems featuring copper wires terminated with corrosion and vibration-proof insulation displacement contacts (IDCs), in particular, ensuring lasting & reliable operation and high availability of the network even under the stressful mechanical, climatic, chemical and electromechanical conditions found on ships. Modules with IDC wiring are also stable in terms of transmission, so there is no change in characteristic values.

Plug-in contacts in industrial and maritime environments must be able to withstand harsher environmental conditions and must be protected accordingly. Dust and moisture-proof cabinets provide this protection for distribution frames while directly attached protective sleeves do so for individual connectors. IEC 60529 defines the types of IP protection involved. R&M has an extensive range of products to provide protection from IP54 up to IP67 for RJ45 and SC-RJ standard interfaces. Splash Line allows the subsequent sealing of RJ45 connector systems. The IP54 solution consists of a rubber flange for sockets and rubber sleeves for connectors. The IP67 solutions for RJ45 and SC-RJ connections consist of robust plastic sleeves that protect connection points even if they are submerged for brief periods. With R&M safety and security helps to increase the availability of data networks.

High-Performance Connectors for Copper and Fiber Optic Networks

Fiber optic technology has decisive advantages over copper cabling, especially in environments with strong electromagnetic fields and in longer cable links. The SC-RJ IP67 takes Ethernet over fiber optic cabling to anyplace subject to shaking and vibration, cold or heat, dust, moisture, oil or even more dangerous ambient conditions. The SC-RJ IP67 meets the requirements for the IP67protection class. IEC 60529 is built in SFF design to be compact and is compatible with existing platforms. These field-terminable connectors are suitable for all types of fiber.

Multimedia Solutions for Cabin Connections

A big challenge in building modern cruise ships is to supply hundreds of passenger cabins with Internet, audio, video, TV, board information, phone, controllable air-conditioning, security and alarm equipment for even greater comfort and convenience. Multimedia and broadband solutions from R&M are ideal for this purpose. They incorporate extensive experience from structured home cabling and video and broadband Internet for residential complexes.

As a rule, separate redundant networks are installed for the security and safety systems alongside data networks less relevant to security and safety. For electronic services and media, either two to three cables can be installed for each service or a single cable for all three services. This last alternative employs end-to end application-neutral star cabling that has a host of advantages. Fewer patch panels and outlets are needed, reducing the weight and installation effort involved and the space required. The electronic services can be centrally managed. The RMS45 microsplitter from R&M implants four ports in a standard RJ45 outlet in next to no time, so that several services can be provided at a single LAN socket. With the CATV panel from R&M, TV signals can be distributed throughout the data network, eliminating the need for parallel coax cabling.

Mr Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing DirectorR&M India said, “Maritime can progress technically, organizationally and economically by introducing Ethernet-IP Networks on their ships. Modern data networks help to increase the intelligence, efficiency, productiveness, comfort, safety and security of ships, ship traffic and offshore equipments. R&M’s modular platform enables an effortless upgrade from copper to fiber optic cabling. This change allows the network to transport greater data quantities faster or to integrate new applications.”

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