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RITO Is Gave Work-Shop in IIS University

rito logoOn FOSS (Free & Open Source Softwares)

RITO (Rajasthan Information Technology organization) is fully committed for the betterment & promotion of IT Education for the entire state of Rajasthan. 

RITO recently held a knowledgeable one day Seminar in Girls education Pioneer IIS university, in Mansarovar (Jaipur), focusing  young students. 

Work-shop statrs from introduction to FOSS –

– How to install a Linux based operating system

– How to navigate the Linux desktop, using applications and installing software

– How to get help and support

“The students were quite enthusiastic,” Mr. Tarun Taunk said.

A seminar is held to help inform students about FOSS technology & opportunities offered throughout the world. The key focus was on “FOSS”, & it’s advantages over paid software.

In the words of the participants, the seminar was important not only because it was presented by someone who went through the process, but also because these individuals were all gathered in one place. 

Previously RITO has hold the seminar in GIT, Jaipur.

RITO always go beyond the boundaries, by introducing such Work-Shop, which is the latest & job oriented in coming future.

IT Voice Media Pvt. Ltd. is media partner of this huge event.





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