Risovation announces its upcoming product named “Champ AI”

Risovation announces its upcoming product named “Champ AI” an Intelligent Business Assitance App in order to help SMEs and small startups. A virtual assistant business provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to companies, consultants or small business owners and SME’s. Virtual assistants can do a lot to boost your business’s productivity. How an owner spends his or her time might be the biggest factor in the success of the business. So business owners (and key managers) need to spend their time on high-value activities. Champ AI is a combination of 3 major parts which are AI Assitant Bot, VBA(Virtual Business Assitant), and Business RPAs(Robotic Process Automation). These three will combine in a single app and give business automation services to clients which not only reduces their efforts, money and time but will also increase productivity to complete any business operation. It’ll also link the third-party service marketplace need by any business which will be handled by VBA through the app. Some of the services that will be offered by their products are Administrative work, Schedule management, Task management, Team Management, Services Automation, etc.

Technology may be the engine but people will always be the drivers of growth. The Virtual Assistant will continue to play an important role in the development strategy of business because it provides a double-edged solution to improve profitability by effectively lowering cost and increasing revenue through efficiency.Abhishek Yadav, the CEO of Risovation says “We are proud to announce our upcoming product ‘Champ AI’ that will help you stay current with what’s happening, both in your industry and in the startup world at large”.

Risovation started its operations in June 2018. At first, Their services were consulting, promotion and investment help to early-stage Startups. After a few months, they pivoted their business model and extended services to SMEs and other businesses. Now, Risovation provides Legal, IT, Branding, Marketing, Management, and HR consultancy services for its clients. Holding a strong client base of SMEs and Startups, the company started their thinktank to develop products to help their clientage and to solve their major problems.

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