Rio Olympics 2016 to be available in 8K and Virtual Reality

The Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) plans to change the way you’ve seen the Olympics till now. The company has confirmed that the Games will be shot in 8K and also plans to make it available on Virtual Reality (VR) platforms.
According to a report by Advanced Television, for the first time, the Rio Olympics Games will be captured in Virtual Reality footage, which can be accessed by people across the world with compatible VR headsets.
The company has said that VR footage will include the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and one key event per day. OBS also plans to make it available as Video on Demand.
Scheduled to begin in August, the Rio Olympics would be (in some parts) broadcasted in 8K format. According to the report, OBS would be teaming up with the Japanese broadcaster NHK for 8K format. Moreover, it will also air the games in Super Hi-Vision video with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels resolution and 22.2 channel surround sound to Japan. This will include opening and closing ceremonies along with Swimming, Judo, Athletics, Basketball and Football.
With the technology infusion, it should be interesting to see how the much awaited Olympics Games will turn out to be. The roadmap for other some other countries like India should be rolled out soon. However, sources have confirmed that the games will be displayed in full HD in India. VR relay in India is still not clear.