Ricoh Launches Its New 360° Experience

RicohLogo_240pxIn its quest to make its customers delighted Ricoh has launched a new idea called Ricoh 360°. The premise is that it is always a big idea that has been at each turning point in history, technology or business. Ricoh Company came up with a big idea that has the power to transform how they respond to all their customers’ needs and make a lasting impact on their performance. The company has titled this idea as Ricoh 360° Experience.

For Ricoh – the 360° Experience is an idea whose time has come. The company is planning a mega event in first of its series in Bangalore on 13th -14th September 2013. It starts with the recognition that organisational productivity takes a combination of effective document management that streamlines an organisation’s collective knowledge, and cutting-edge information technology that empowers every employee. What follows are products, solutions and services that address the productivity challenge in a holistic manner.

Inspired by its tagline imagine. change. Ricoh helps companies and individuals transform the way they work and harness their collective imagination. They seek to help our customers embrace change through innovation, by building information infrastructures that are faster, smarter and less expensive than customers envisioned. To this end they have created offerings that address the ever-evolving and diverse needs of its customers – from Imaging Solutions to IT Services to Communication Systems.

Ricoh enjoys market leadership and the highest repeat buying rate in the industry in A3 Multifunctional Printers, CopyPrinters and Production Printers. They are poised to become a major player in Managed Document Services, IT Services, Total Green Office Solutions, Flexible Office Solutions, Document Solutions, Laser Printers, Multimedia Projectors and Cameras.

Mr. Tetsuya Takano, Managing Director and CEO of Ricoh India Ltd stated, “At Ricoh, we believe in operational efficiency and enhanced productivity. Ricoh has been making rapid strides in offering advanced solutions by showcasing the skill set and technological knowledge that help our clients to deliver better results. Positioned as a One-stop-Solution company, Ricoh will now be offering value-added services to further optimize processes. Our business expansion plans here have been undertaken to further enhance our operational efficiencies, which will further enable us to serve our customers better.

With this enviable range, they are capable of taking care of end-to-end documentation and IT requirements of any office environment, however small or big. What sets them apart is that they deliver not only a wide array of products, but consistent service levels across the globe, with a single point of contact and central coordination.

Mr. Manoj Kumar, Sr Vice President & CFO of Ricoh India Limited stated, “At Ricoh, we are committed to helping our customers embrace change through innovation. This idea of 360° experience is Ricoh’s quest of offering value-added services to further optimize processes.

Combined with Ricoh’s cutting-edge technology developed across our R&D centres worldwide, with global best practices gleaned from its operations across 200 countries. The impact is amazing -customers’ business processes become more profitable, productive, sustainable and secure.

Headquartered in Tokyo, the Ricoh Group operates in more than 200 countries and regions, with worldwide sales of approx. 20 billion US dollars. Ricoh applies its core values of harmonising with the environment, simplifying life and work, and supporting knowledge management in serving customers around the globe.