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REZO.AI looks to expand into international markets, to double its workforce in the year 2023

Conversational AI start-up, REZO.AI, is planning on doubling its workforce in the current financial year of 2023-24 given the current trend. The start-up has seen tremendous 5x growth in revenue in the past year alone and is chalking out its global expansion ambitions.

Owing to the rising demand for AI-powered contact centers to augment human resources, automate repetitive tasks, and enrich the customer experience, the company’s calling load has increased 3 times from 5 lakh calls a day to 15 lakh calls a day in just the past 6 months. REZO is among the handful of tech start-ups making profits in the very early stages.

Mr Manish Gupta, Co-founder and CEO

Commenting on the hiring needs, Mr Manish Gupta, Co-founder and CEO  said: “We are excited to announce our intent to expand the REZO family by doubling our workforce in 2023-24 and hiring 100+ employees in the near future. We are elated by the fact that at a time of mass layoffs, we’re on a hiring spree. We will soon be entering into international markets with our disruptive and cost-effective AI-Powered CX Cloud solutions that will not only expand our own global reach but will also cater to small businesses outside India to reach new consumer bases in a cost-effective manner”.

Dr Rashi Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer

“We, at Rezo, believe that allowing employees to pursue their interests and challenge the existing quo only helps make us a successful workplace. To that end, we are committed to assisting our employees in enhancing the skills that are vital to their professional growth. We believe a diverse workforce is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth, which is key to providing our clients with the best possible service and our employees with the best possible career. Diversity makes us smarter, more competitive, and more innovative”, added Dr Rashi Gupta, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer.

The company is looking to hire at both senior and executive levels including in product development, operations, technology, and sales & marketing.

Rezo aims to continue its practice of providing its employees with benefits that are at par with global industry standards while ushering in a work culture that is more value-oriented and that accommodates a more diverse workforce.

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