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“Revive Your Old Doors with Window Magic”-Mr.Manish Bansal, Director and CEO, Window Magic

IT Voice:-How do you see the awareness and use of uPVC for windows and doors in construction?

Mr.Manish Bansal:-The days, when people considered windows and doors as just ‘mere openings’ are long gone. People now pay more attention to what type of fenestration they are investing upon. They look for durability, low-maintenance, quality and eco-friendly products. uPVC fulfills all these demands. Hence, as per the demand, the awareness and use of the uPVC windows and doors in construction are increasing rapidly. This is evident from the rapid growth of uPVC in the Indian market.

IT Voice:-How can windows and doors be made more energy-efficient as also aesthetically appealing?

Mr.Manish Bansal:-An individual can install uPVC windows and doors for more energy-efficiency. The insulation capacity of these windows and doors helps in maintaining the temperature of your place during all the seasons. It retains the warm air during winter and the cold air during summer inside the house. This helps in saving a lot of energy cost.

There are myriad ranges of uPVC windows and doors that can enhance the aesthetic value of any space. The sliding windows and doors, tilt & turn, French style, bi-fold, etc. are all examples of the types of uPVC profiles that can make a place look beautiful, elegant and trendy. These products blend well with all the colours, drapes and patterns.

IT Voice:-What are the design considerations for arrangement of doors and windows?

Mr.Manish Bansal:-Windows are to buildings what eyes are to the face, windows and doors blur the distinction between the inside and the outside world. They link between external and internal space and communicate with the surroundings. Various types of design are mention below :

  • Temple

  • Arch

  • Bay

  • Corner

The design consideration for arrangement of doors and windows are to air movement, creating peculiar environmental conditions in space.

Windows as a façade modulator: Depending on the size, form, number, placement and articulation, windows alter the perception of a building, bringing in aspects of lightness, rhythm and sculptural quality

Windows as a scaling element: Windows becomes the external scaling reference for monumental buildings to assess the height and width of the buildings and to arrive at a proportion for all other elements with its surroundings.

Whereas design consideration for doors, A moving structure at an enclosed space. Doors normally consist of panel, with interior and exterior faces,

The design considering for doors includes  – brands, materials, functionality, performance and so on – the process can become mind-boggling.  Doors would make you feel safe with security features like multipoint locking, extremely strong hinges and toughened laminated safety glasses.

Window Magic doors are a perfect way to add charm and beauty to your home.

Following are the different types of windows available in the market.

(1) Sliding Windows With the sliding windows you can possible to bring nature into your living room while still having a sleek and elegant piece that accentuates the beauty of the room. Sliding windows are the most elegant choice for your home design.

(2) French Windows French windows add glamour to the interior space. They provide view of the surroundings and add the element of nature to the interior spaces. During the day, it lights up the interiors, whereas at night the building glows through these windows.

(3) Conservatory Nothing can surpass the beautiful innovation and charm of a classic Conservatory. With their elegant lines and exquisite detail, these structures are the ultimate extension between your living space and the beautiful natural environment around you. Victorian Conservatories offer a truly beautiful space to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

(4) Picture Windows – They are best in areas where airflow is not important. Picture windows are often installed high on walls and hallways, providing excellent lighting. This type of windows, when used in conjunction with full louver doors, creates the perfect combination of airflow and light. These types of windows provide visual appeal only. If the glass area is too large, the window becomes susceptible to vandalism, and replacing glass could be expensive.

(5) uPVC Windows  – These are the new generation materials that have taken the market by storm. uPVC Windows are considered to be eco-friendly materials. They are highly thermal efficient and thus can help you in cutting down the costs of heating or cooling your home. They are also fire resistant and thus provide you with an added layer of safety. They are also known to be pretty good insulators and keep the outside noise at bay. These are one of the most affordable types of windows.

These are the kinds of design of doors window magic offers to look your abode more creative and attractive.

IT Voice:-. How can you add to the aesthetic value of fenestration?

Mr.Manish Bansal:-All components of fenestration have a thermal impact and influence the overall performance and energy efficiency of a building. There are many factors concerning fenestration that an architect and/or designer should consider depending on the specific goals of the project.

Following are the tips of aesthetic value of fenestration-

  • Increased thermal breaks

  • New materials for thermal strips

  • Increased module depths

  • Accommodation of larger glazed unit sizes (24 mm was the standard but this has been increased to 28 mm, and up to 52 mm

    is now common)

  • Additional insulating gaskets

  • Profile engineering

These features should now be used as standard for aluminum window systems – Natural ventilation, Minimizing solar gain, Weather performance, Window and door sizes, enhancing aesthetics, balancing considerations

IT Voice:-What material should be used for fenestration that is affordable?

Mr.Manish Bansal:-uPVC – Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, it’s the German based technology and yes  it is better than other fenestration materials. uPVC, is made by removing  plasticizers from PVC. So how does that benefit to you?

Weather Resistance – uPVC will not change shape under normal weather conditions, but it can be reshaped at very high temperatures. uPVC windows are more energy-efficient than those with wooden or metal frames. Moreover, uPVC can also be used for door frames and conservatories.

Longevity – If you are looking for long-lasting options for your windows and doors, then uPVC is no doubt the right material for you. The strength of uPVC is unmatched by any other fenestration material in the market.

Eco-Frindly – These products are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. And unlike PVC that contain phthalates, uPVC does not contain any harmful elements in them; ideal for the environment conscious individuals.

Minimal Maintenance – uPVC windows and doors require minimum maintenance. You do not require tightening bolts, readjusting the frame or changing parts frequently. Once installed, it will sit there unshaken for a lifetime.

Cost Effective – uPVC is cheap to manufacture, they are also priced in a way which makes them more affordable than materials like wood or aluminum

IT Voice:-What are your latest offerings in this space?

Mr.Manish Bansal:-The uPVC, that is, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is the latest offering in the fenestration and construction industry. It has shown magnificent growth in the market and has gradually become the most common choice of consumers. This is due to the fact that uPVC windows and doors offer much more than what the ordinary ones do. The factors like durability, strength, security, low-maintenance, eco-friendliness, etc. all contribute in making uPVC profiles an ultimate choice for people.