REVE Antivirus Makes Your System Threat Free with its Higher Detection and Turbo Scan Technology.

REVE Antivirus, the leading IT Security solution provider has announced that its anti-malware solution is capable of quick detection compared to many other similar antivirus. According to the analysis report of REVE Malware lab REVE is more capable and efficient to detect and removezero-day viruses along with all viruses in the wild.

REVE Antivirus CEO, Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee commented, “We have turbo scan feature in REVE Antivirus, which scans the files and folders of PC more swiftly compared to its counterparts, which takes lesser time in scanning & detection of malwares.”

Apart from quick virus detection features, REVE Antivirus has PC tune up features, which boosts users PC performance by removing the clutter and junk of system as well as browser.

REVE Antivirus is available in three versions namely Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security. A Server security product for Windows Server is also available to safeguard the server platform. The IT Security provider, which has development offices in New Delhi & Pune in India has recently launched Endpoint Security solutions for enterprise segment. REVE EPS provides enterprise level advanced protections which comprises of key features like DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and FAM (File Access Monitoring) for maintaining the confidentiality of organizational data, prevents the data breach from internal as well as external threats.

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