REVE Antivirus Launches Endpoint Security Solution for Enterprises

REVE Antivirus the leading IT Security solution provider has launched Endpoint Protection product, for Enterprise users. The Endpoint Security (EPS) product offers advanced security for enterprises using progressive and predictive machine learning algorithms. With the constant cyber threats erupting frequently such as Cerber ransomware and WannaCry, it has become indispensable for organizations to strengthen their cyber defence mechanism and protect employees across multiple devices.

REVE Endpoint Security is an effective step in this direction with high end features such as Device Control, Application Control, Asset Management to name a few.  Protection from phishing and malicious sites for all end points removes any kind of loopholes in the cyber security framework.

CEO of REVE Antivirus, Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee said, “We are very happy to launch REVE endpoint protection, which is the best product to combat advanced cyber threats on a bigger platform.” He added, “Our retail products have already seen good adaption by users, which has motivated us to bring our Endpoint Security for enterprises, which has multiple detection and prevention capabilities.”

Along with comprehensive threat management, REVE Endpoint protection helps organization to secure their data safety by framing policies to block or allow permissions for using external devices such as Pen drive, Hard Disk, USB Dongle, External CD/DVD. Data theft has been a constant challenge for organizations without a well-defined security policy. Applications like Skype, Facebook, Google Hangout etc. also pose a threat to organizations confidential data. REVE Endpoint security application control feature allows blocking of these application on all endpoints.

With the new Endpoint security solution, managing organization’s software & hardware assets becomes easy from a single console. IT admins can monitor software license & expiry of the entire network of systems from a single dashboard.