REVE Antivirus India To launch 3 key Security Solutions In The Next Upcoming Quarter

REVE Antivirus, the leading antivirus software with a stable line of products for home & small business users has revealed their upcoming product launches and their company outlook for the coming 1 year for the Indian market. The Singapore-based security provider has been in the security industry since last 2 years and has extended penetration into Bangladesh, Nepal and parts of African, American and European markets.

Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee (CEO), REVE Antivirus says, “We have already launched 3 key security solutions in India: Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security in India along with Endpoint Security Solution for Windows. In the last quarter of 2018, We are launching EPS (End Point Security) for Linux/ Mac and EPS Advance Version, both aimed at enterprises; and Mobile Parental Control with unique features for SOHO or home users. We are getting good feedback for our current products in the market, which encouraged us to provide advanced versions for enterprises. Investing in an IT security software, a company can not only secure its data from 3rd party attacks but also help it remain safe from being leaked by internal employees.”

He further adds, “It’s seen that most data breaches happen due to internal colleagues willingly or accidentally. An endpoint protection software helps in preventing these breaches by restricting data transfers outside the network”

An Endpoint security solution helps the IT Admin to keep a track of several crucial elements such as system ideal time, hours spent on social channels etc., which helps organization measure the productivity of its staff.

Apart from this, a centralized console alerts the admin about the PC health issues such as PC start time, missed software updates, due to which system performance issue occurs thereby hampering the productivity of the organization.

REVE Antivirus has already launched its EPS for Windows and plans for adding Linux & Mac, which is in the future roadmap of the company.

Rezaul Hassan, Group CEO, REVE Systems (S) PTE, briefed, “We are still fresh with 2 years’ presence in the Indian security solutions market, but we are buoyant about our progress and about the demand from the customers for our products in the Indian market. Our current products are doing very well and soon we are launching a slew of new products in the coming quarter in the Indian market. We are very optimistic about our future progress.”

According to REVE Antivirus, most companies think that investing in a security solution is an additional cost but they fail to realize that it’s an investment, which comes with a higher return.