Return to Campus Safely with Hikvision’s Back-to-School Solutions

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Education Institutions are reopening across India. The latest pandemic data is showing a steep decline in number of cases, but this is not the time to lower the guard against the pandemic. The key stakeholders of the education sector are now looking for breakthrough solutions to resolve the health and safety concerns after the recently issued fresh guidelines by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). In schools, Flow Control Solution and Social Distancing Solutions are needed to enhance the safe stay of all the students and staff while also giving them quick access to classrooms, offices and dormitories. Now with Hikvision’s Flow Control and Social Distancing Solutions, this process becomes much easier – and much safer. To help education sector to safely reopen, Hikvision India offers an impressive line-up of solutions for the Education Sector. Few such solutions include Flow Control and Social Distancing Solutions.

Flow Control Solution

As various states and regions across India are reopening the educational institutions, crowd density information is also considered a significant reference in managing the “social distance” of campuses and public spaces.
Public and private managers and authorities have to do more than ever before to keep people safe, and in many cases efficient calculation of customer traffic will be essential. Use of technology can provide a monitoring solution to manage this, giving alerts when more people are present. The information from these can also be displayed on Digital Signage screens, for scenarios where transparency and public awareness are key.

Key Benefits

Real-time display of number: A clear and easy-to-understand dynamic data display monitor can be installed at each entrance to provide real-time indoor number updates.

Automatic alarm: An alert is created when the pre-configured maximum is reached, and an audio alarm can be triggered if anyone attempts to enter before the numbers go below that threshold.

Display with mask & temperature status: Optional display of mask and temperature status on the digital signage if connected with corresponding camera and/or NVR.

Easy and rapid deployment: The Flow Control Solution can be easily and rapidly deployed. It is designed to be simple to use and highly accurate, with options to suit all potential application scenarios.

Social Distancing Solution

This solution uses people counting and 3D modeling technologies to measure the distance between people accurately. The distance measurement can be adjusted, according to scenario, or changing Government regulations, for example.
The output can be connected to various kinds of alarm, such as a siren or speaker, making it possible to relay the message to the scenario. For example, an audio message saying “Please remember to keep more than 1.5m apart” could be used. Alternatively, in more extreme circumstances a siren could sound, alerting a security guard to intervene.

Hikvision Lecture Capture and Broadcasting Solution

In the post pandemic new normal world, times are changing faster than one can ever imagine. The education sector is going through the complete digital transformation, it is now a major trend in schools, colleges and educational institutions. The learning process in the education sector is shifting from classroom learning to e-learning. The demand for e-learning has grown significantly in the recent times. Despite the reopening of schools and colleges across the country, there are a sizeable number of students and staff are not attending the classes due to fear of the pandemic, to bridge the gap and help the students, Hikvision Lecture Capture and Broadcasting Solution is a perfect solution. It has made the learning process highly engaging, flexible and interactive.Broadcasting a lecture and simultaneously recording it can help the learners immensely in different time zones and locations. Hikvision Lecture Capture and Broadcasting Solution offer the technological advantage to students and teachers alike. It helps to simplify the learning process with ease of knowledge sharing.

Hikvision lecture Capture and Broadcasting Solution have following advantages : The Classroom simulation includes –a three screen output, Multimedia content Indexing and Cataloguing, Post Lecture editing, and Publishing Storage and Retrieval, Annotation on Interactive Board, Usage statistics and Analytics, Scheduling of lectures and Timetable, Device Management, Hardware and Software, One Time Cost, Integration with Third Party Software, Online Lectures, Classroom Simulation, Refresher courses during Exam times, Usage Analytics.

Safe Reopening for education sector requires all of us to move forward together, employing the recommended best practices and maintaining safe daily habits in order to reduce risks. Cutting-edge video technologies can help various organizations better observe the instructions and guidance. Hikvision India, has dedicated product packages for education vertical specific applications and solutions, including schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. It has multiple application cases across India to bolster the cause of safe reopening for the education sector.

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