Reports suggest that the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro will feature a Thermometer

Source: 91Mobiles

The first-ever renderings of the impending Pixel 8 Pro surfaced back in March 2023. In these renderings, the flash had a circle-shaped cutout. It was once believed to be a different camera module kept independently inside the Visor. But it now appears that Google had another plan in mind.

Renowned tipster Kuba Wojciechowski, as reported by 91Mobiles, has uncovered an intriguing detail about Google’s upcoming smartphone. It appears that the circular cutout on the device serves a unique purpose—it houses a temperature sensor designed to measure body temperature. What’s even more astonishing is that this sensor takes advantage of an actual built-in thermometer integrated into the smartphone itself. Yes, you read that right—a thermometer within a smartphone. It may sound unbelievable, but it seems that Google is making it a reality.

Although Wojciechowski’s video demonstration of the sensor was taken down, another tech enthusiast named Neil Sargeant shared it on Twitter. The video provides a glimpse of how the sensor functions. To use it, users need to locate the sensor on the phone and bring it close to their forehead without making physical contact. After tapping the start button on the screen, they must ensure there are no accessories obstructing their face. Then, moving the phone from the forehead to the temple completes the recording process, which is expected to take less than 5 seconds. Once recorded, the phone will vibrate to display the results.

The inclusion of a built-in temperature sensor in a smartphone marks a bold move by Google, pushing the boundaries of what we typically expect from our mobile devices. It opens up intriguing possibilities for monitoring health and wellness, especially in a time when such concerns have taken center stage. As Google continues to innovate and incorporate new features into its smartphones, this new temperature sensing capability may provide users with an additional tool for their well-being. It will be fascinating to see how this feature performs and how it may impact future smartphone designs.

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