RedZ New Amazing Image Based Interface

RedZ NewLocated in FL, RedZ Inc. is the result of many years of brain-storming sessions that aimed to create a search engine that will revolutionize search. Over the past years, RedZ has grown immensely and has been featured in several major news media outlets across the country. In addition, their comprehensive and relevant results along with their family-safe commitment have allowed RedZ to become one of the top search engines on the Web.

Instead of having to view many pages of search results like on other search engines, RedZ keeps you on the same page creating a smooth endless matrix of website thumbnails that actually navigate in any direction you want to go without having to view 1000’s of page results. You simply swipe with your fingers up, down, side to side and new results appear in all directions on smartphones and tablets. On the desktop version there are arrows you simply click to pick the direction you would like your search results to appear. In addition you can use your arrows on your keyboard or the scroll feature on your mouse.

Redz has been steadily growing its user base and are gaining popularity as the “New Way To Search.” Ryan Krupnick says “Once people try RedZ they fall in love with the ease of use and truly informative results”. Being able to preview a site before you click through eliminates sites you may want to avoid. With the added text below each image this gives the best of both worlds. For the users used to text based listings, RedZ has left the text information below each image making it just as powerful as any of the top search sites currently out. With the almost limitless results you have the whole internet at your fingertips. RedZ has proven itself over the years improving on the technology to bring to the forefront the future of search. Once you try RedZ its hard to go back to boring old text searching.

Conventional search engines use text as the main focus of their results, only bringing back 10 results per page. Almost 85% of searchers settle on what they find on that first page, often leaving them unsuccessful in finding what they truly were looking for. Although the desired results are more than likely buried deep, most people do not have the time or the patience to read through page after page of text based listings. They end up settling on the results that seem the closest and most convenient.

With RedZ Search Engine you have a choice of up to 100 results which you can scroll through lightning fast! The Web sites are the results instead of plain ordinary text, allowing you to sift through massive data quickly. will take your search deeper where you may find better results. No more settling!