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Ready or Not, Here Comes ASRock’s Motherboards That Are Already Windows® 10 Compatible

If you’re still using that nostalgic Windows XP or even earlier versions of Bill Gate’s legacy, sooner or later you’d probably want to transition to the new Windows® 10, which promises an improved user interface and DirectX 12 for efficiently using multiple CPU threads to execute PC games. That said, you still need to double check on whether your motherboard supports Microsoft’s new operating system. The good news is ASRock is ready.


Earlier, ASRock has sent out two motherboards on an epic quest to survive Microsoft’s strict Windows® 10 compatibility testing, one team Intel H81M-DGS R2.0 and the other one FM2A88X Extreme6+ from the AMD campaign, and now both have passed with Windows® 10 compatible certificates!


Rest assured that these Windows® 10 certificates aren’t solely for the two aforementioned motherboards, ASRock is speeding things up to make sure that current motherboards and the upcoming Intel 100 series will all support the new operating system flawlessly when it hits the market in the end of July.

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