RCTA continues its battle against Microsoft

Gathering at Raise Plaza protesting against arrest by Microsoft

Microsoft made another blow to the computer market when Microsoft along with the help of police targeted Sanjay Thakur of Cyberspace by arresting him. The action was taken without informing the RCTA. It is to be noticed here that RCTA has been working closely with Microsoft team to educate End Customers and Channels about Licensed Software. According to RCTApresident, there is an understanding between RCTA and Microsoft that before taking any action against any of their members, the company will take RCTA into confidence to help resolve the issues. But this understanding was clearly violated by yesterday’s arrest.

As an apex body of all computer traders, RCTA strongly feels that all matters can be mutually sorted out with dialogues and such extreme actions by any vendor is not acceptable. Owing to this breach of understanding and to mark protest against ‘police action’ by Microsoft; an all Rajasthan bandh call was given by RCTA on May 21.

Traders protesting against the Repressive policies of Microsoft
Traders protesting against the Repressive policies of Microsoft in Jaipur

According to Kailash Gupta, president, RCTA, “The matter was brought to RCTA notice at 4pm on May 20 and an immediate action was taken. RCTA team along with RCTA VDCC committee coordinator Arinjay Jain reached Sodala police station at 4:15pm. Inspite of such short notice, many members reached the police station to show unity and strength of RCTA. The association team tried it’s best to deal with ‘Microsoft’ concerned officials and convince police officials about this ‘false case’ that aimed just to create panic in market and boost their sales figures, but due to strong influence of ‘Microsoft legal team’, they did not agree to withdraw the complaint.”

Mr. Thakur was finally released with full efforts of RCTA team and support of Prashant Parakh at ‘Session Court’ helped Sanjay Thakur of Cyberspace who could be relieved at 11 am .

IT Shops closed at Kota
IT Shops closed at Kota

IT traders from all parts of Rajasthan including Kota, Udaipur; Bhilwara; Sikar; Sriganganagar; Hanumangarh; Ajmer; Alwar; Bikaner; Jodhpur and other parts of the state fully supported the ‘bandh’.According to Rajeev Agarwal, secretary, HCTS, ‘to extend  HCTS support to the RTCA, we gave a gyapan to SP and collector Kota.’

Following the bandh on 21st May, a meeting was held between RCTA members to decide the further course of action for the Microsoft issue. Following decisions were taken during the meeting.

  • All Microsoft OEM, MOLP, Paper License, Hardware products  purchases are banned till further Notice and all T2 partners, Sub distributors & RDs  are advised to return the material to T1 Partner
  • T2 Partners are advised to return the Microsoft Preloaded /DOS/Linux Laptops/ Desktops Stock back to T1 National Distributors/ Vendors and advise them through mail not to present their pending cheques against such stocks.
  • No T2 partner will take any fresh Billing of any Laptop / Desktop either Preloaded or with Linux/DOS  and Intel Processors  from any Vendor or National Distributor till the time this matter is resolved by the Microsoft or till any further communication from RCTA.
  • Partners are free to sell their existing stocks of laptops and desktops.