February 28, 2021

Rashi Peripherals supplies for demand in webcams at the latest UID project.

Government of India’s most ambitious project Unique Identification project by providing every citizen of India, a unique identity is kick started throughout the country. We as a team are distributing the Logitech Pro-9000 webcams for Logitech across the country through its 64 branches.


This magnanimous task would be achieved when the Rashi Team works together so that the process can take place in even the rural areas of the country. Here Rashi and its deeply embedded channel of distribution will give positive results where we cover all the major 64 cities and more than 300 districts in our network which will make this product reach the rural with much ease.

The webcams are preferred to take best possible images for the unique identification or aadhar card created for every citizen in the country. This is possible by the Carl Zeiss optics which provides razor sharp images with a 2MP HD camera. It comes with aRightLight™ 2 technology, which gives images crisp and clear even at places with low light or unfavorable conditions for taking a picture.

Mr. Karan Khemka, RashiPeripherals Pvt. Ltd. says “The Logitech Pro-9000 webcams had always a source of demand in the market, due to its various features and latest technology. The latest development of it being preferred for the UID card process makes scope for much more opportunities for us. As distributors we can make sure that all the products are reaching for the process in time. ”