October 2, 2020

Rashi peripherals is the most admired and no. 1 value added distributor in the country- Mr Suresh Pansari -Managing Director, Rashi peripherals

Suresh Pansari, Managing Director, Rashi Peripherals

The Managing Director, Rashi Peripherals Mr.Suresh Pansari, highlights the growth areas of his company and comments on general business trends.


Suresh Pansari, Managing Director, Rashi Peripherals
Suresh Pansari, Managing Director, Rashi Peripherals

Vikas Gupta- what is your vision on Rashi Peripherals for the next two years?

Mr. Suresh Pansari- Rashi in next two years should grow more than 30% year after year. Apart from topline growth, we want to increase our penetration to more than 850-900 Towns in next two years. .

Vikas Gupta- what are Rashi’s focus areas in India in terms of the markets, industries and verticals that will help you maximize the potential?

Mr. Suresh Pansari- Rashi Focus Area is Software, Cloud, Mobile Devices, apart from new business/products lines such as Pharma and LED Lights.

Vikas Gupta- what is Rashi Peripherals India’s roadmap for 2013?

Mr. Suresh Pansari- Rashi’s Roadmap for 2013-14 to grow more than Rs. 2200+.

Vikas Gupta- what is your growth strategy here? What are the engines of growth for Rashi Peripherals in India?  

Mr. Suresh Pansari- Growth strategy planned by Rashi is to Geo Expansion. We want to increase our direct supply contacts to 850-900 Towns of India. Regarding Growth Engines, we are expanding in Existing Brands as well in new Brands year after years.

Vikas Gupta- What kind of strategy have you planned to position Rashi Peripherals Product successfully in the market?

Mr. Suresh Pansari- Rashi peripherals is the most admired and no. 1 value added distributor in the country. We firmly believe in providing more to our partners than just product pricing. Hence we have a separate vertical for services in the name of Rptech care center and dedicated team of marketing professionals, help drive the SI/ consumer demand.

Vikas Gupta- Currently, which product segments of Rashi Peripherals are doing well in the market and which you are focusing for the current quarter?

Mr. Suresh Pansari- Rashi is doing well in Storage- Hard Drives, Flash Memories, Note Books, Mobile Phones, Networking, After Market Options/ Peripherals etc.


Vikas Gupta- What are some of the points where Rashi Peripherals products score over the competing forces in India?

Mr. Suresh Pansari- In Rashi , we have Best of the Brands in each of the Product Category such as SanDisk, Toshiba for Storage, Lenovo, Asus for Note Books, Samsung for Mobile , Intel  for Processors, Netgear in Networking etc.

Vikas Gupta- How many channel partners do you have? Do you have any channel related initiatives to drive channel growth?

Mr. Suresh Pansari- Rashi is getting support from, more than 9000 Channel Partners regularly. We are carrying Channel related initiative CBF annually to drive Channel Growth.