February 25, 2021

RAPOO Launches 5.6mm Ultra-Slim E9080 Wireless Touchpad Keyboard for HTPC and Boardroom Presentations

2.4GHz wireless connection and up to 10m working range, switch between touchpad and num-pad mode with a gentle slide


NEW DELHI / MUMBAI/KOLKATA/ BANGALORE, India – February 13, 2013

RAPOO, global leaders in providing cutting-edge wireless peripheral products, launched its feature rich wireless touchpad keyboard – E9080. It is designed to address the requirement of wireless speed and comfort level for home theatre PC (HTPC) and boardroom presentation setups where PC is connected to a big screen. It is a ‘floating’ controller that will allow one to direct the action from anywhere in the room.

Wireless Touchpad Keyboard E9080

Key Features

5.6mm at thinnest, scissor key structure and stainless steel plate, provides the right comfort

Switch between touchpad mode and num-pad mode with a gentle slide

Reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection with up to 10m working range

The E9080 connects using 2.4GHz wireless, via a miniature USB 2.0 receiver. E9080 is a full-sized 101-key keyboard, set into an attractive brushed stainless-steel back plate. The QWERTY portion has 82 physical keys and a multi-touch surface for 19-button numeric keypad. With a finger-swipe along the bottom edge, the pad turns into a massive 72*106mm touchpad with two-finger scrolling and a three-finger tap gesture that functions as a right-click. Everything is handled via taps as there are no physical buttons. The touch pad is extremely responsive, and its large surface makes it ideal for controlling PCs with high-resolution displays.


Mr Sunil Srivastava, India Sales & Marketing Manager at RAPOO India said, “We are excited to launch our first wireless touchpad keyboard E9080 in India. Customers will feel and enjoy the superior quality and comfort level of the keyboard as compared to the traditional keyboards. Partners can kick start the journey by introducing this quality rich product to their customers. ”

Price, Warranty and Availability

RAPOO E9080 wireless touchpad keyboard comes with the MRP of Rs.4,629. It comes with 2 years replacement warranty and available ex-stock.

SYZTCbHF  Sunil Srivastava,

India sales and Marketing Manager