Ramco Aviation Launches ‘Anywhere’ Apps On Mobile

  • Announces the launch of Enterprise Mobile Applications for Warehouse Management, Logistics, Mechanics and more

  • Revolutionizes the power of Mobility to address complex business scenarios

Ramco Systems, the global Aviation software provider on cloud, mobile & tablets, today announced the launch of Ramconext-generation ‘Anywhere’ apps on Mobile – “Warehouse Anywhere”, “Mechanic Anywhere”, “Route Anywhere”, “Approval Anywhere” and “Customer Anywhere” – which will enable requisition managers and mechanics across the aviation and defense sectors, to work on the go.

The native mobile applications, offer “smart” context-aware functions such as electronic signoffs, real-time monitoring and part tracking, easy deployment of online manuals and cloud-based data retrieval. All these solutions also integrate the Geo-fencing security feature, which prevents unauthorized access beyond the premises of a work center. Integrated with bar code scanner, smart search and voice input features, executing critical transactions from a hangar or a warehouse will now be possible on the move.

“Warehouse Anywhere” provides warehouse managers and clerks with a platform for comprehensive stock order management; with separate functions for inquiries, issues, returns and transfers. The software searches for parts based on warehouse location and offers real-time context sensitive map views of stock positions.

“Mechanic Anywhere” App helps aviation and defense mechanics to streamline daily operations by introducing new data entry procedures for task cards and post-flight logging. It also enables mechanics to request and track parts and resources, as well as log discrepancies and view resolution histories.

“Route Anywhere” App will help the logistics in-charge / Water Spider to service requests to pick parts from warehouse or work center and deliver it to another warehouse or work center right from mobile. He will now be able to monitor and track real time location of part between warehouses, warehouse and work center and work centers at any given point of time.

“Approve Anywhere” eradicates waiting time for approvals, rejections, purchase authorizations, invoice acceptance or modifications that typically puts on hold the otherwise seamless internal workflow of maintaining an aircraft within an organization. Notifications of the respective actions pending are pushed through the app to the palm of the user to take necessary actions on the go, eliminating the need to use a work station.

Designed for MRO organizations, “Customer Anywhere” helps users sync better with their customers. Besides offering their customers the ability to track their maintenance at a work order or an individual task level, the app allows MROs to transparently speed up customer authorizations on maintenance quotes, additional scopes, new discrepancies and even pending invoices for balance payments via in-app notifications.

Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said, “We are delighted to announce the release of our latest mobile enterprise applications to critical audience in Aviation MRO. While aviation software must transition to next-generation “smart” systems, it must also remain user-friendly and accessible for workers on the shop floor, hangar, airport as well as the tarmac. Our Real time manpower, equipment planning engine can now assign tasks to mechanics based on aircraft delays, flight cancellations and non-routine maintenance etc with notifications on the mobile. This will be a true game-changer in Aviation IT and we are building a series of ‘Anywhere’ apps to address complex business scenarios with simple and easy to use applications.”

Ramco will be rolling out the Mobile Solutions for select set of customers, who have signed up for the release. The solutions will be available on both iOS and Android platforms.

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