Students should be given exposure to the foundational aspects of digital marketing and the freedom to pursue it as a career – Rakesh R. Deepsense Digital, Full Interview

Rakesh R, Business Head, and Director, Deepsense Digital

Rakesh R, Business Head, and Director, Deepsense Digital

Deepsense digital is a data science firm that offers comprehensive services in the fields of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Software Development, Mobile Application Development, and Loyalty Programmes. Incepted in the year 2016, the company believes that its ability to blend technology and creativity is its USP. The young and dynamic personnel of Deepsense digital have versatile talents that allow them to offer innovative business-centric digital solutions. Below is an excerpt from a recent interaction between team IT-Voice and Rakesh R, Business Head, and Director, Deepsense Digital.

Prateek: What is the vision behind Deepsense Digital?

Rakesh R.: To be a go-to partner in your business growth by giving innovative marketing and technology solutions that cater to both digital and technological domains. By going beyond the conventional, we are the go-to agency right from strategy to execution and concept to creation.

Prateek: How can the customers benefit from the solutions provided by Deepsense Digital?

Rakesh R.: Every client or business has specific goals but the common thread that ties everyone together is the need to achieve growth by reaching more customers and convincing them to buy products or services. In saying this, change is driven by the customer.

If you see in today’s digital world, a customer’s journey will always dictate every business’ strategy. Customers always expect relevant content in relation to what they want and what they are doing in the format/device of their choosing.

Deepsense always puts customers first, which may seem cliché, but it is the way many companies operate. They highly benefit because from our solutions simply because they are highly engaged with good content and always get what they want almost immediately when they need it.

Prateek: How has the business changed in the last 2 years?

Rakesh R.: The world has gone digital especially after the pandemic. Now, the internet has become the most affordable platform as compared to traditional mediums of advertising like television and print.

If businesses leverage on different digital platforms, they can expose themselves to a large audience if they wish to grow and reach new heights.

Deepsense as a business understands that times are changing and that we must go with the digital tidal wave that has swept across regions locally and globally. It has made a positive impact on consumers and how they perceive buying and selling.

Prateek: What trends will dominate the digital marketing segment?

Rakesh R.: New trends like Automation, Hyperlocal, and Vernacular.

Prateek: Do you think Digital Marketing must be included in the school curriculum? What kind of challenges do you face as a Tech entrepreneur?

Rakesh R.: While digital marketing has been rapidly growing in India, we see many professionals switching careers to pursue it. But the fact is that it has still not been included in the curriculum of any school or college.

I personally feel that students should be given exposure to the foundational aspects of digital marketing and the freedom to pursue it as a career. As we already know, the next generation is yet to witness and usher in the new era of digital.

A lot of Indian businesses rely on traditional forms of advertising. As a tech entrepreneur, the major challenge is educating conventional/conservational brands to understand the importance of digital technologies and how it is very essential for future growth and success.

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