Radware proud to announce its award for leadership in DDoS Protection

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, was named a Leader by Forrester Research for DDoS protection, in The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q1 2021, released this week. Moreover, Radware was ranked in the Forrester report with the highest score in the current offering category.

DDoS protection is now more important than ever, as the size and sophistication of attacks continues to rise. Just in the past 12 months we saw the largest ever DDoS attack by size (bit per second), the largest ever DDoS attack by rate (packets per second), as well as targeted global campaigns against financial institutions, gaming providers, healthcare providers, and more.

In addition, the Forrester report gave Radware the highest score possible in 18 different criteria, including:

  • DDoS detection and attack mitigation

  • Threat detection

  • Response automation

  • Service delivery

  • Protection for public cloud assets

  • On-premise protection

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Service level agreements (SLA)

“We believe Radware’s recognition in this report demonstrates Radware’s commitment to excellence across multiple domains”, shared Forrester spokesperson.

Superior Technology                                                                                                                     

Radware provides the industry’s leading DDoS protection technology, based on our behavioral detection and mitigation capabilities. Radware uses sophisticated behavioral-based algorithms to distinguish between malicious and legitimate traffic, and instantly identify DDoS attacks and reduce false positives.

This is further augmented by our real-time signature creation algorithms, which create defense signatures custom-tailored to the specific characteristics of the attack, within 18 seconds or less. This enables protection against advanced forms of DDoS attacks, as well as zero-day attacks for which there are no existing signatures. Radware also offers unique solutions for protection against DNS DDoS attacks and encrypted attacks.

Forrester report states: “Radware brings forward its deep technical understanding and mitigation of DDoS attacks.”

Flexible Global Service                                                                                                                  

 Beyond just the technology, Radware offers its DDoS mitigation services in an array of flexible deployment models, to suit any type of customer need or deployment architecture. We provide DDoS protection either as a hardware appliance (using our lined of DefensePro mitigation appliances), cloud service (either on-demand or always-on), or hybrid protection (combining a mitigation appliance with a cloud service).

Our cloud scrubbing service is based on a network of multi-terabit scrubbing centers deployed in strategic locations around the world. This allows to protection against even the largest attacks, without attack traffic reaching the targeted network or host.

In addition, Radware is a pioneer in DDoS protection for public cloud environments, offering advanced protection using either a cloud service (integrated into the cloud environment’s native telemetry), a virtual (based on our DefensePro technology), or hybrid protection combining both.

White-Gloved Service & Support                                                                                                

Radware provides a fully managed security service based on our Emergency Response Team (ERT). Radware’s ERT is responsible for actively monitoring and supporting our customers and helping them mitigate any attacks that come their way.

However, Radware puts its money where its mouth is, with the industry’s most comprehensive and detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 6 individual and measurable metrics for DDoS protection. This SLA includes metrics for time to detect, time to alert, time to divert (for on-demand deployments), time to mitigate, consistency of mitigation (measuring the effectiveness of mitigation measures) and service availability.

“Radware is “a great partner. I wanted a company that could be engaged with me in the trenches. They will drop everything to assist me”, undisclosed Radware Customer

“Radware is honored to be recognized as a Leader for DDoS protection, and we intend to continue our pursuit of technology and service excellence in the service of our customers,” added Radware spokesperson( name undisclosed).