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Radiall & FCI Announce Joint Partnership For OCTIS

Radiall and FCI announce their joint partnership to Radialldevelop and promote the innovative OCTIS™ (Outdoor Connector Transceiver Inside System).

Specifically designed to address the challenges associated with the deployment of 4G+, LTE+ and future 5G in the Telecom market, OCTIS™ provides a robust I/O interconnect solution that can operate in challenging outdoor and harsh environments.

The Radiall and FCI partnership leverages the expertise of both companies. Radiall’s long term legacy of developing robust outdoor I/O interconnect solutions combined with FCI’s expertise in the design of High Speed signal and Power IO interconnect products provide customers a broad portfolio of outdoor performing IO solutions.

“This synergistic partnership creates a significant opportunity for FCI to offer differentiating I/O solutions in a ruggedized package that reliably perform in diverse harsh environments” noted Danny Morlion, Chief Technology Officer at FCI.

Luc Kaës, VP of product management at Radiall further comments, “We are excited by this partnership between the two technology and customer support driven organizations. It is rare to see such a high level of collaboration between two teams to develop an innovative I/O system.”

OCTIS™ can accommodate multi-standard and varying interconnect configurations such as SFP or SFP+ transceiver integration (with dual LC cabling), RJ45 (to transmit cat5e or cat6 Ethernet signal), high data rate signal, POE+, direct power supply (AC/DC) or a hybrid of power and signal.

OCTIS™ has unique features such as lightning and electromagnetic interference protection which makes it ideal for rugged and harsh environments. OCTIS™ is field installable solution in a small form factor. It is user friendly and features a blind mate, easy to latch, color and physical coding system.

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