Rackspace Launches Performance Cloud Servers in Asia



Rackspace®Hosting(NYSE: RAX) today announced that its redesigned public cloud with Performance Cloud Servers will be available in India. This new offering creates a powerful hosting platform for a variety of workloads, ranging from web hosting, eCommerce applications to larger scale NoSQL data stores like MongoDB and Cassandra. The offering will be available to customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region including Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Greater China.


Companies in Asia-Pacific are rapidly adopting hybrid cloud to increase application response and scalability, as well as expand the range of workloads running in the cloud. According to Gartner, nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017[1].


With Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack®, customers can connect the new cloud servers to dedicated bare metal servers as part of the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud, which can provide an unparalleled level of application performance.


Since 2009, Ugam Solutions, a global leader in managed analytics, has used Rackspace’s hybrid cloud and managed virtualization to host parts of their big data mining and retail analytics platform. As one of its biggest cloud customers in Asia, Ugam Solutions champions Rackspace’s cloud offerings and fanatical customer support.


“Being able to rapidly scale, and process data in near real time streams, is a critical success factor that helps us deliver the right insights, at the right time, at the right price point, to our customers. Rackspace’s hybrid cloud offering helps us with just that. With Rackspace hybrid cloud, our infrastructure footprint has evolved into an elastic ecosystem that can scale on-demand and is easy to manage, thereby maximizing the overall productivity of our business,” said Vishal Katial, VP and Head of IT Infrastructure at Ugam. “Rackspace has been a valuable partner in the growth of our business, evolving newer solutions like ObjectRocket to tackle challenges that faced in the big data space. We currently use the Performance cloud in the US and we have seen significant savings of up to 50% YoY, while continuing to scale our data footprint with complex analytical models to boot. Now with the launch of Rackspace’s performance cloud in Hong Kong, we have more options to choose from as we look to further optimize the performance of our product portfolio, and enhance our business footprint globally.”


With the unique combination of hybrid cloud architecture, open source technologies and Fanatical Support®, Rackspace provides expert help through all aspects of the customer’s experience, from planning and architecting to day-to-day proactive management of customer’s hosted infrastructure to help ensure workloads are continuously up and running.


“With companies in Hong Kong and throughout the Asia-Pacific region in need of faster network capabilities to improve connectivity and application performance, we have launched Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers to help meet our customers’ needs,” said Ajit Melarkode, Managing Director for Rackspace Asia Pacific. “Now, with Performance Cloud Servers as part of our Hong Kong managed and hybrid cloud portfolio, companies can deliver services faster than ever before while at the same time, have a team of specialists to manage and operate all of the hosted infrastructure activities required to be successful on the cloud. In turn, this allows companies to focus on managing their business, without worrying about the performance of their IT systems.”


The Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers are designed with 100 percent data center-grade, RAID 10-protected solid-state disks (SSDs), powerful Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, up to 120 Gigabytes of RAM, and 40 Gigabits per second of highly available network throughput to the host. These servers deliver more total performance over existing Cloud Servers as follows*:


  • 4x more total RAM
  • 2x more total CPU performance
  • 132x more total disk I/O (input/output)
  • 8.3x more total network bandwidth
  • 2.6x more total overall performance


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