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Qlik Expands Insight Advisor To Deliver Industry’s MostRobust AI-Driven

Qlik® today announced enhancements to Insight Advisor, its intelligent AI assistant built directly into Qlik Sense®, to deliver the industry’s most robust augmented intelligence capabilities for cloud analytics. Drawing on Qlik’s unique Associative Engine, combined with investments in natural language processing (NLP) and cognitive technology, Insight Advisor deepens Qlik’s augmented analytics with AI-driven assistance that adds value to every interaction with data for cloud analytics users.

“Analytics users want to do more with their data, but often struggle with where to look or what next steps to take. Insight Advisor gives these users a complete and powerful AI assistant, built directly into Qlik Sense, to help guide them along every step of their data exploration and analysis journey,” said James Fisher, Chief Product Officer at Qlik. “Qlik Sense users are only a click or question away from the assistance needed to derive more insights and value from data. And, with every interaction, Insight Advisor learns alongside them, creating a virtuous cycle where they become smarter together, increasing users’ data literacy and data usage.”

Users can interact with Insight Advisor in a variety of different ways, leveraging a complete range of AI-enhanced augmented analytics capabilities native to Qlik Sense. These include search-based visual analysis (NLP-driven), conversational analytics (chat), associative insights to expose hidden data relationships, assistance with creation and data preparation, and advanced analytics calculation and integration. Enhanced augmented intelligence features available in the September 2020 Qlik Sense release include:

Insight Advisor Chat – A new, fully conversational analytics experience native to Qlik Sense SaaS, available in the Qlik Sense hub in multiple languages. Uses NLP and natural language generation to understand user intent and generate both narrative and visual responses. Also, looks across Qlik Sense apps for answers and allows direct transition to search-based visual analysis for deeper exploration.

Business Logic – Ability to create business rules and metadata to customize and guide Insight Advisor’s behavior when generating insights and understanding natural language. Includes the ability to logically group fields, classify data, specify default behaviors, define preferred relationships and more. For example, organizations can configure requests for regional data to automatically include correct countries as defined by the business. Can also customize NLP, including defining vocabulary rules and synonyms for more natural interaction.

Advanced Analytics Calculation – The introduction of advanced analytics calculation on-board the Qlik Associative engine. A new function, K-Means Clustering, allows data points to be grouped together based on similarity and is highly useful for customer segmentation, fraud detection and many other use cases. In addition, Insight Advisor will now auto-generate cluster and correlation charts in search-based visual analysis; Qlik plans to introduce new additional advanced calculations in the future.

Search-based Visual Analysis on Mobile – In addition to Chat, search-based insight generation is now available on handheld devices, providing a more intuitive means of creating new analytics and insights on small form factors.

Qlik is also making it easier to leverage AI-driven cloud analytics by improving the migration path of data to Qlik Sense SaaS with the debut of Qlik DataTransfer™. Qlik DataTransfer is a lightweight, easy-to-use utility, built directly into Qlik Sense, that helps organizations more easily and securely migrate their on-premise and local data to the cloud. Qlik DataTransfer leverages the full ability of Qlik Sense to combine and transform data. This ensures that data arrives in cloud analytics ready and kept up-to-date within Qlik Sense SaaS applications, making even more data immediately available to benefit from the augmented intelligence capabilities of Insight Advisor. 

“Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS is very powerful in driving our business approach,” said Guillaume Autier, General Manager of Meilleurtaux. “Using analytics in the cloud through Qlik has allowed us to quickly scale applications to our franchisees to analyze their business activity, make comparisons between branches and take timely data-driven decisions.”