The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a Qi wireless charging standard group, has announced new specifications. With the updated specifications, the Qi wireless charging will now support charging at up to 15 watts of power – the same offered by Qualcomm’s wired Quick Charge 2.0 solution.

microsoft generic wireless charging plate

Announcing the updated specifications for the Qi wireless charging, the consortium stressed that it wants to extend the wired fast charging speeds that provide up to 60 percent charging in about 30 minutes to wireless charging as well – as fast as Quick Charge 2.0.

The new specification will be initially available only to members of the Wireless Power Consortium while will be made available as a public document soon.

Apart from new Qi wireless specifications, the Wireless Power Consortium alsoannounced it has “approved the test procedures and tools needed to authenticate whether fast charging devices are compliant with the new Qi specification, as well as being backward compatible with all existing Qi products.”

Commenting on the announcement, Menno Treffers, chairman of the WPC said, “With a deployed base of well over 50 million units, hundreds of registered products and users all around the world, we understand the importance of a specification that supports innovation. This release marks an important milestone for Qi, introducing the first higher power class and paving the way for our members to address more demanding applications with products that work seamlessly with the installed base of Qi-compatible products.”

Several flagship smartphones launched lately come with support for quick charging and wireless charging features. While quick charging still requires users to plug the smartphone to wall charger; the wireless charging can charge the device without plugging into any wall adaptor.

The Wireless Power Consortium was established in 2008 and includes over 200 company members such as Belkin, Haier, HTC, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Texas Instruments, Verizon Wireless and ZTE.


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