Prysm launches World’s Largest Seamless Interactive Display- Preparing businesses for Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World

Prysm Inc., a leading display and visual collaboration solutions provider is creating a new category in the display market by unveiling its World’s largest seamless interactive display – the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, 225” which is 20ft wide and 5ft high. The Prysm LPD 6K Series are interactive large-format displays that offer a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels. 

Very few technologies can deliver top-notch experiences across vastly different use cases, which the LPD 6K Series masters exquisitely. The flexible, impact-resistant surface offers smooth touch interaction and can be viewed at any distance, up close or far away, and at any angle without eye fatigue. The latest LPD is an extremely energy-efficient interactive touch display that is shatter-resistant, flexible and offers rollability for transport. 

The LPD 6K Series, 225″ is uniquely optimized for the following markets:

  • Executive briefing centers, command and control centers, training rooms, collaboration and innovation centers – coupled with Prysm’s visual collaboration platform, the LPD 6K Series makes meetings, presentations and analysis more engaging and immersive, ultimately resulting in better, faster decisions

  • Business process dashboards and monitoring end-to-end – coupled with Prysm’s visual collaboration platform, Prysm LPD 6K 225” is ideal for central monitoring of business processes and workflows across the entire organisation. 

The display screen is 216 in x 59 in x 224 in – W × H × Diagonal with an immersive, bezel-free viewing experience, featuring a high fill factor and an exceptional contrast ratio, resulting in striking picture quality and built-in interactivity with more than 32 simultaneous touchpoints.

The new modular design helps speed display integration and permits installation in a variety of locations. The durable front screen – made of a specially coated polycarbonate layer – is rolled into a cylinder for easy transport. Thanks to this feature, integrators can negotiate tight corners and enter through standard doors and passenger elevators during set-up – something that is nearly impossible for traditional large-format displays.

The LPD 6K Series 225” is currently in general availability and shipping to partners and customers. The new solution is helping to define a new category of interactive large-format single panel displays, with bezel-free viewing.

 “We are excited to launch our largest LPD seamless interactive display, the LPD 6K Series 225”. Prysm has been constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of technology.” said Amit Jain, President and CEO of Prysm.  “In today’s challenging business environment, where organizations are looking for interactivity, seamless integration, connectivity and collaboration, we allow teams to work together from any part of the world, saving countless travel hours and resources. We support seamless collaboration for our clients, whether in a single room or across the globe, to open minds to innovation and ultimately better decisions.”

“Virtual life-like experiences will become so much more important in the new age of reducing travel and commuting to prevent undue health exposures while helping the environment. The LPD 6K Series 225” adds to the existing product line; the LPD 6K 190” and the LPD 6K 135”. The new 225” form factor allows displaying two large 125” 16:9 content side-by-side with uncompromised scaling. Simultaneous data and visual feeds can be broadcasted to and from mobile or standalone displays with high cloud security. Prysm is committed to continuously improve the telepresence experience with life-size displays and smart SW applications.” said Dr Roger Hajjar, Founder and CTO, Prysm.

This large-format display comes optionally bundled with the Prysm Application Suite, a digital workplace platform that brings people, content, and ideas together to create a smart and efficient collaboration environment. The platform displays streaming video, web applications, documents, presentations, and images as well as input from laptops and mobile devices with a simple tap. Prysm has been deployed by Fortune 500 brands across the globe, spanning markets such as automotive, retail, finance, pharmaceuticals, education, technology and many more.