‘Providing insights and knowledge about latest technology is a key Focus ‘ Mr. Ketan C Kothari, Chairperson, BICSI, India District

Mr. Ketan C Kothari - District Chair - BICSI India DistrictITVoice: What are the current focus and Initiatives of BICSI in India?

Mr. Ketan: Providing insights and knowledge about the latest technology solutions in today’s emerging market is a key focus area for BICSI. Our focus is to empower ICT experts to adopt global standards, best practices and methodologies and address key changes in the ICT Infrastructure. The primary goal of BICSI is to be the pre-eminent global resource for developing standards, providing credentials, accreditation, and knowledge transfer for the ICT community. BICSI will provide resources to strengthen industry knowledge attain professional credentials and develop & build the local ICT industry.

ITVoice: With the emergence of newer technologies’ like Cloud and Mobility and increased Convergence of Voice, Data and Video, how is BICSI helping the ICT community?

Mr. KetanAs the industry is evolving from traditional IT to ICT, the IT landscape is changing significantly. Cloud & Mobility is helping simplify organizations’ infrastructure and reduce costs with high-performance secure and scalable solutions. This is also helping accelerate the complex deployments of communications infrastructure with fast access and quick turnaround time. A converged network offers tremendous capabilities, since the integration of communications systems increases collaboration, employee productivity, regardless of their location & device and client engagement. BICSI is working closely with the ICT Industry and through BICSI International Standards Program, assisting the ICT community in delivering safe, efficient and effective standard based solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

ITVoice: Impact and Importance of a concise communications strategy?

Mr. KetanThe importance of a concise communications strategy is more significant in case of small and medium businesses; it enhances their communication capabilities and allows them to operate at par with larger organizations without a huge outlay of capital and IT manpower. Use of one interface for all communication sharpens the organization’s business edge by increasing flexibility and efficient user experience, and at the same time speeds up the decision making while reducing IT costs.

ITVoice: With the advent of newer cabling technologies how is BICSI helping the ITS experts?

Mr. Ketan :With the advent of newer cabling technologies it is important for installers to expand their knowledge of the industry and learn new skills. BICSI offers a series of programmes that include: Data Centre Design, Electronic Safety and Security Design, Network Technology Systems Design, Telecommunications Distribution Design and Project Management among others to help ICT professionals stay updated with the constant innovations, trends and emerging technologies in cabling technologies & installation.

ITVoice: Learning and development opportunities that BICSI offers to the ICT community?

Mr. KetanBICSI focuses on training courses and credentials for ICT professionals working in the OSI physical and data link layers. These training initiatives allow both installation and design training providers and ICT solution providers to work together toward their shared goal to provide world-class technology education & solutions to the ICT industry. BICSI regularly conducts training and technical conferences in major metro cities to educate people about the upcoming standards, best practices and implementation methodologies.

ITVoice: What are the advantages and benefits does BICSI members receive?

Mr. KetanAdvantages are numerous and BICSI members are eligible for a host of benefits that include: discounts on BICSI courses, networking opportunities, industry knowledge & recognition, access to articles, newsletters, seminars, career growth and opportunity to serve on BICSI Committees; among others.

 ITVoice:  How does BICSI work on standards and guidelines in design and installation process?

Mr. KetanThe BICSI International Standards Program creates standards and guidelines for use in the design, installation and integration of Information Communications Technology (ICT). BICSI standards are written to define current practices and drive improvement in quality and system performance over the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security and audio & video technologies, and encompass optical, fiber, copper and wireless-based distribution systems.

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